Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Re-Cap

Here's a little of this 'n that with each of us.  I'll just get right to it!

Henry is loving being outside.  He loves "driving" my car and pretending anything under the sun.  Today while we were at the doctors office waiting he sat in her chair and said he was the doctor.  He checked Sophie's ears, looked in her mouth and listened to her heart.  Then  he said she was good to go!  Anyway, his vocabulary has expanded and his understand of the world around us has widened.  He's doing more for himself which is such a blessing and he's been really getting into being a big brother to Sophie.  It's so awesome to see them giggling at each other.

At every turn Karley is amazing me.  She's growing up right before our eyes.  She loves helping me make blueberry muffins, coloring, reading books to herself, being read to, and she still loves her puppy.  Her vocabulary has expanded as well.  Her hair is getting longer....really it is!  She's such a doll.  I was looking at her baby pictures today and just was saddened that this time has gone so very fast.  Here's our beautiful girl and our beautiful niece Hailey.  

Sophie just got over two consecutive rounds of antibiotics to treat infected ears. Poor baby. We went today to make sure they were all cleared up and got a good report. Yeah! I was so glad as I wasn't looking forward to another round, making it 30 days on meds. Yeah, good ears!  My little baby isn't all that baby anymore, minus the fact that she doesn't roll over, (except for the one picture I got).  She does sit, just today she has one lonely tooth that finally popped the surface, she loves her blankie AND her puppy, she is eating all big people food,  she absolutely loves her big brother and sister.  Just this morning Adam got her out of her crib, brought her and after she was done looking at me I swear she started looking for Henry & Karley.  Big girl.  Sophie is now eight months old and I keep thinking that she is closer to her one year birthday than her birth day.  Her first year is going by even faster than Karley's did.  These two pictures show my favorite shirt that the girls wore.  Sophie is wearing it today but as the weather has turned this will probably be the last time.    I also wanted to add Karley when she wore it.  

Adam has been slow at work and then the next week he's super busy.  He's planning a salmon fishing trip with some of his friends.  I am glad he will be getting out and doing something for himself.  He has a few irons in the fire so to speak.  He's got some tree planting to do in the next couple of weeks, (Adam & Dave started 100 evergreen seedlings that need to get into the ground), endless work around the house, his job is busy and Dave & Adam are doing some stump grinding for two suburbs of Minneapolis.  All this not to mention the "honey do" list.  I'm just kidding.  I don't have one of those!  Well, right now I don't have one of those. :)

Me.  What have I been up to? 

Well, I've been pounding the pavement for Grandma's 1/2 Marathon.  Last week I ran a total of 16 miles.  We were at my sister's house last week and she got me to go out with her for 4 miles.  That was all well and good until I realized the whole run was hills.  As much as I was moaning (literally) on the last hill, it was a great work out.  I should mention that we did it in the same amount of time that I run four on a relatively flat surface!  Toot, toot (my own horn)! 

Let's see what else.....I've been keeping up on baking my own bread.  I still haven't bought a loaf, although my husband did one Sunday morning when I didn't have any made.  The store bread was super duper soft, I'll give it that but really, not much else about it was IT for me.  Dare I say I'm getting to be a bread snob?  Ha! 

I'm reading a book called, A Mother's Rule of Life, by Holly Pierlot.  I'll be doing a review of it when I'm finished at the end of April.  Then in May some friends and I are going to start reading the Bible cover to cover.  We plan on doing it in 180 days.  We will be gchatting once a week to see how we are all doing.  If anybody out there would like to join us just let me know.  We do have a schedule that we will be following to help us keep on track. 

Television has been left by the wayside with one exception, okay maybe two, News and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  Do you watch it?  Makes me sick to think what we (as a nation) feed our children.  Poor kids.  I can't say that I haven't been there or sometimes still go there but I feel like I am making an effort.  Some of my efforts are have been to rid my house of anything in a box and to do as much scratch cooking as possible.  It can be hard.  I will use up what I currently have (which isn't very much because I gave up box meals and the like a long time ago)and then little by little take my cooking/baking one step further. I still have cake and brownie mixes from a box.  I think I could go way more hard core but I still have a hubby who liked Doritos (as do I).  We got half of a grass fed cow, which will be really nice to have some nice steaks to grill this summer! 

Adam & I got bikes and two bike trailers so we can take bike rides with the kids either from home, on trails near our home or when camping.  Speaking of camping we are in the process of getting our camper ready for the summer.  We are so looking forward to camping with our friends, extended family and just the five of us as well. 

I just got a hair cut otherwise I was sporting a different look at our Easter Egg Hunt.

Well, I think this is quite the post so I best end.  I hope you are doing well!  Do you have anything fun planned for the summer?

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