Friday, May 21, 2010

Aitkin County Roadside Fire

Wednesday as I was driving three hours "home" I was thinking how some people can blog about the simplest of things (like taking the kids to McDonald's) and it comes across as the most fabulous thing since sliced bread.  I decided that my life is just simple, regular, normal and that that's okay with me.  I kept driving and kept driving and kept driving while the kids napped and watched movies.

Then I saw smoke off the side of the road. I quickly decided it wasn't a controlled burn because there weren't any emergency vehicles. I passed by wondering what was going on. In my rear view mirror I saw a lady with a bucket cross the road. Okay, that's trouble. So I turned around and went up her driveway, hollered out asking if she needed help. Yes, she hollered back. So I called 911 and started running buckets of water down across the highway. She was in the thick of the smoke trying to keep it from the woods. It seemed like it took forever for the DNR water truck to get there.

It also took a few trips of me back and forth with my water bucket (which I am positive did A LOT of good!) for anybody else to stop.

And then suddenly there were a bunch of men asking for shovels & rakes. {Ah ha, shovels and rakes....yes, but, that would mean getting all smokey...and I was dressed all cute and didn't want smell icky}. So I ran back to the woman's house and rummaged through her garage to find any and all shovels and rakes she had.  There are still things for people like me {who don't want to get all stinky} to do.

I ran back down to the fire and finally, the DNR fire truck arrived!

I decided my water running services were no longer needed.  I then snapped a couple of photos and said good bye. 

How's that for a three hour drive "home"?

I doubt the local fire department will be recruiting me after all.  I think my water bucket skills won't meet the requirements of real fire fighting. 

I almost forgot....I asked the woman how the fire started and she figured it was from a person throwing a cigarette out the window.  Nice, real nice.


  1. Wow, that's crazy! Way to go Tina! Saving our trees, one at a time ;)

  2. Yeah, real nice. What a crazy experience. Just another day in the life of a supermom. I love the "dressed all cute" thing, you're funny! :)

  3. WOW! That's an awesome (or not) three hour trip 'home'. Yeah for you for stopping! I think you earned your 'amazing women of the year' award!

  4. Good job Tina! Way to help out!
    Damn people that throw their cigarettes out the window. It really peeves me!

  5. You did your deed and that is what matters :) Proud of you for stopping and doing your part, that is awesome!

  6. That's incredible that you stopped to help. God bless you!


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