Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Fisher's - Plaque

I wanted to share this awesome gift I received for entering a contest "Funniest Kid Story".  I won by entering this story about my HD. Henry's Mom I thought this was really cute:

I should say that last year this time we put in a retaining wall of timbers. This allowed us to put in a playground on the hill which we live. So from then until now any piece of wood is called a timber. Henry was 2.5 at the time and is now 3.5.

At breakfast:

Henry, arm in the air, "Mom, I think I have timbers in my arms".

Me, "Oh, hunny, those are actually called bones".

Henry, "Oh, they're not timbers?"

Me, "No, hunny they're bones".

The contest was hosted by Alison and her blog titled, "The Crazy-Busy, Absolutely Nuts Life of a Working Mom"   .  You can see the other things she makes at Designs By Emerson.  

As soon as I saw my creation....

...I started thinking of Christmas gifts!  I know it's early but why not start now and be done before the holidays?  Or how about an anniverary gift, house-warming gift?  Or just a gift {if you're like me, maybe a gift to yourself}?  Anyway, I am thinking Christmas gift.  I know of a couple of Godparents that this might work for!!

Alison has been so kind to offer 10% off your order just mention the code FISHER when you check out. 



  1. I am with you on thinking about Christmas. It always comes so fast! Cute plaque!

  2. So cute, I LOVE those signs!! And Henry, he's just way too adorable!


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