Monday, June 14, 2010

Mutlitude Monday Vol. 1

I've been reading Holly's Multitude Monday posts since she first started doing them.  I thought of doing them way back but it must not have been the time for me.  Last week I found some great blogs and re-found Ann's Holy Experience blog, which is home to Multitude Mondays.  You can read more about Multitude Monday here.  It hit me.  He must have thought it was now time.  So I am going to listen to the Spirit in my soul and start with my Multitude Monday's.

Over the course of time I will post 1000 things that I would like to show my gratitude for. My thanks.

holy experience


Jesus on the cross for me


My husband









Being a wife to my husband


Being a mother to my children

This is a broad list that will be more specific in the future.  But for my first post I wanted to say how thankful I am for these things foremost.


  1. Welcome to the journey! Prepare for what the Lord will do in and through you for His Glory as you journey to His heart through thanks!

    I'd thank Him to for all of those precious ones and husband. What a treasure! :)

    Be blessed!

  2. I found you through Kate's blog. I love finding moms who have lots of little ones and like to run! Good luck on your upcoming half, I just ran my first half in March and it was AWESOME!!

  3. That is a wonderful thankful list. YOu are blessed.

  4. I love reading Holly's lists of these days I should join in! :)

    You first list is PERFECT, you are one blessed lady! :)

  5. Love this and great photos!


Thanks for making my day!