Friday, July 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes Vol 6

We went camping last weekend with three other families.  We had a blast.  All the kids played so well together.  I have so many pictures I am going to do a separate post for this.  Our kids love camping, and so do we!
After camping my sister took Henry & Karley home with her.  Sophie had a doctor appointment and a meeting with the physical therapy lady so she had Mommy all to herself for three days.  It was a quick three days and way too quiet.  While my my kids were away they were sick.  Bummer.  Neither one of them have ever thrown up, my sister received the privilege of the first with that.  Lucky her.  I am very glad to have all my kids in one house with me.  As much as I might sometimes feel like things are so crazy, I've seen it the other way and I'd much rather have cRaZy!
Adam is super busy at work.  He's been working 12-13 + hour days.  Since the kids have been home he has seen Karley one time briefly.  This makes me sad as it does him.  We will however be glad for the extra income this will bring to us.  We remember that it will bring us closer to our hopes of moving to a house with 10+ acres.
While the big kids were away I didn't "do" anything super exciting.  I did however enjoy two mornings of reading in bed while Sophie slept in until almost 8:00 AM.  That never happens.  It seems like when I wake they must have a sense and they wake.  I would love to have a more formal time for prayer but I'm telling you, no matter what time I awake, when I am out of the shower at least one is up and then they all follow.  Is this called Momdar?  Anyway, I did enjoy reading I Will Carry You by Angie Smith.  What a remarkable woman!  I cried so many times while reading.  I finished it in 24 hours.  I just had to.  
Sophie's first birthday is right around the corner and I still haven't mailed invitations.  Actually, I don't even have invitations to mail.  I really should get on that.  I am at a loss as to what to get for her.  She really likes babies and stuffed monkeys. 
Yesterday was a beautiful day outside.  I thought I'd better mow the lawn since Adam really isn't going to have time and we are about ready to bale hay.  So I gassed it up.  We have a lot of gas cans in the garage and since Adam drives a diesel truck I made sure that I grabbed a red can.  I should also mention that we have a large lawn and still use a push mower.  Partly because the exercise is good and we just haven't shelled out the cash to buy a rider.  I made two passes and the mower conked out.  Grass is wet....go slower.  Okay, so that works a couple of times but what's up with the smoke?  Now, it gets harder and harder to start and I'm "priming it" every time.  More smoke.  So I called Adam, "Do you have diesel anywhere in the garage".  I am pretty sure I remember him saying no and anyway, gas goes in a red can.  Then he tells me to check the air filter.  What?  No that's not it because it won't start now.  So, I pushed her back up the hill.  When he came home last night he said to me, "Honey, we don't have a diesel mower".  I said, "I know".  He said it again, I just looked.  Oh ya, I get what he's saying now.  Then he asks, "Did you use this can?"  {It was red}  "Yes" I replied.  Then he asks if I notice the gas was red when it came out thus meaning it was diesel?  Uh no...I just put the spout all the way in the opening so I wouldn't spill "diesel" all over the place.  So he dumped all the diesel out and got the darn thing running again.  I really couldn't believe it, my MacGyver husband.  I was secretly hoping she was totaled, I wrecked the motor, new lawn mower coming.  No such luck.  She's fixed and ready for me to mow.

I had to cancel.  I have the sick. I am so bummed.  {To have had to cancel, well both really.}  I guess the kids brought it back home with them.  I hope it will pass over Sophie and Adam.  I did the right thing by cancelling, this mother would not want to have this while pregnant!
We are going on a play date today.  We are meeting new friends on what is supposed to be a rainy day.  It will be fun to meet new people.  The kids are excited.  The family has five kids one of which is a boy named Charlie.  Henry was confused and thought that we were going to see Charlie, Holly & Cori {That's next week}  He doesn't realize yet that boys are named Charlie too. :)
Jennifer at Conversion Diary has a great story and you can read more Quick Takes on her blog.
Have a blessed day!
Sorry no pictures....running quick today!  

Thursday, July 29, 2010 for

This weeks Alphabity Moment for me is the letter K.  I debated on using K with Karley or S with Sister...thinking down the road a few pages.  I couldn't come up with much for K so I went this route.  I'll figure out S later.   The B & W on the right page wasn't the best picture except for the moment between them.  So I dabbled in Photoshop {I usually just use much to learn in photoshop and so little time} and tried to fix it the best I knew how.  Any pointers would be very welcomed. 

I hope you are having a blessed day!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Quiet

It's been way too quiet in our home.  And our home just isn't our home right now.  We are missing two.  My sister is delighting in pull-ups, early bed times, rooster waking children, cooking for four sometimes hungry sometimes not, laundry times five, increased laughter, beaming smiles and happy hearts, bear hugs and kisses.  All of which I so miss. 

They are enjoying playing with cousins, sprinklers set up by Gram, beach with Auntie {although I've been told Henry not so much} and just hanging out in the town which I grew.

I am enjoying looking at this Sixty Seconds until we all re-unite tomorrow evening.

Have a blessed day!


Thursday, July 22, 2010 for Blankie

I am still pondering the letter "J" and since we are madly trying to get out the door for camping this weekend I thought I'd share a letter that I went back and did prior to my start of Mama Bear's Carnival.  Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'll be back next week with some pictures of the Polish Riviera {that's what the farmer I got our eggs from called the place}. for Blankie.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Karley's Summer Fun

It's always fun to see what activities Daddy plays with the kids.  It's even more interesting to see what the littles come up with all on their own.  {They do have swimsuits and we don't require a bike helmet for swimming}

Thank you for joining me today for Sixty Seconds!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol. 6

At church on Sunday we were reminded of gratitude and hospitality.  It felt really good to hear the words spoken through the readings and re-iterated by our priest.  I have been reminded to keep seeing the gratitude all around me.

Summer days sitting on a blanket under a shade tree

Husband who never complains of mix matched dinners

Homegrown tomatoes

Husband who waters homegrown tomatoes

Witnessing Henry kiss Karley's boo boo's better

Baby sitting in her crib

Excellent timing on Sunday Mass readings

Homily that was fitting for the readings


Weather that passed by us without harm

Starting of a book club

Popcorn Maker Husband

Kids chasing bubbles

Adam playing games with big kids

Son who is learning his books

Have a blessed week!

holy experience

Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 5

We've been out of "boy" pull-ups all week.  Henry refused pink princess pull-ups so we woke him up before we went to bed and put the dreaded pink pull-ups on him.  {We rarely see a dry pull up on him in the morning but more often than not do on Karley}  We remarked that we can't believe he doesn't through a fuss anymore {okay, I of us really should get to the store!}.  Then Wednesday night he asked,  "Are you going to get me some more boy pull-ups"?  "Yes, son, we will".  Then later during the nightly escapades Karley said to Henry, "You have girl pull ups on".  Henry replies, "We ran out of boy pull-ups".  I think we really need to save this boy and get him hooked up.
Update:  I went to Costco yesterday!

While on my Costco trip I purchased this book.  {Costco price was $10.99}  I was super excited to have "learning time".  I told myself that I could be his teacher after this post.  Also, I think that pre-school being right around the corner scares me to wishing I could home school.  Mostly because I don't want my baby to be gone even though I know he'd probably benefit.  {With the exception of picking up bad behavior from other children.  It kind of seems like you work so hard to correct the potential bad behaviors that they have only to send them to school to get more}.  Am I right?
In any case, after the learning experience of today and days past I am not so sure I could be his teacher.  I can't even get him to hold the fat crayon correctly without complaints of his hands hurting.  UGH.

Whoa is me?  Maybe.  Okay, yes.  It's been an emotional roller coaster of a week.  My poor husband.  All I can come up with is that I need to get myself back on a schedule, need to get out of the house more, and quite possibly, some time to myself.  Do you all schedule time to yourself?  Or get time to yourself? 
Update:  I am pulling out of my slump!  YEAH!

Last Friday night Sophie moved from tummy to sitting up position!  Yeah!  Yesterday she was sitting up in her crib!  Yeah baby!  We have the woman coming to the house on Tuesday to assess her.  I've been going through more things with her.  She cries and hates it but we do it anyway {things like going up the stairs}.  Unfortunately, her scooting way of getting around seems to cause a few things that are going to work against her.  Like the stairs....she wants to sit and push back in the middle of the stair.  I think the "help" will be good so we can get her out of the bad habits.

Today Karley had an accident all over the bathroom floor.  Thankfully it was in the bathroom.  As I was cleaning the floor Henry adds, "It smells icky, like compost in here".  Uh, we don't have a compost.  I am going to guess he remembered an episode from Curious George.  Good laugh in the middle of cleaning up the floor!

The pictures in this post are just things around the area in which we live.  Just some random things here and there.  As much as I loved living in the city {yes, the actual big city of Minneapolis *Uptown*} when I was younger, I really enjoying living in the country.  While we currently live *in town* I would say we're still country.  It's everywhere, I love it.  Our hope is in two years time to be on our own land and have a large garden with possibly a tree farm.

Running.  Oh ya, that thing I used to do.  Well, in the last month since the race, I've ran four times.  Not good.  I think I just needed a break.  It's amazing how much you lose when you don't run all the time.  I hate to make excuses but the the weather has kind of been awful for running.  I am just not into running with 90 degree temperatures and 80% humidity.  I do want to get back on the horse though.  Maybe a Fall race will help motivate me.

Have a great weekend ladies! 
{I don't think there are any men out there that read my blog????  Maybe I am wrong?  If so, you'll have to give me shout!}


Thursday, July 15, 2010 for

I am hoping to finish this ahead of the rest of the bunch over at Mama Bear's so I can have it for Sophie's One Year birthday party.  This week I am on the letter I.  I could use a couple of ideas for the letter J if you have them.  I really don't have any picture of her in jeans nor do I have any of her in her johnny jump unless I figure out how to freeze frame from a video?  Any other ideas?  I might just have to figure out the johnny jump thing.

Here's I......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol 5 - On Tuesday

The ease of my children's smile

Carefree days of allowing extra large suckers

Mobility for Sophie

Sophie moving from tummy to sitting by herself

Gator parts arriving in time for Kiddie Parade

Husband who knows how to fix & replace Gator parts

Town that kids can participate in Kiddie Parade

Cousins playing

Kids who wait patiently before parade

Parade route on our street

Cousins joining us for the parade

The ease of my husband's smile

Gathering for family birthday parties

Joys kids receive from parade candy & birthday treat bags

Friends coming over for WD fireworks

Having friends & family to keep my cutting skills going

Sophie's ears being clear

Adam home an extra day

Town Gatherings

Fireworks viewed from our front lawn

holy experience

Little by Little

The picture is kept on his dresser to remind me just how little they were.  
I remember the day, Adam wasn't with me, he was pushing snow.  I traveled alone three hours to see my family a few days prior to the holiday. 
On Easter Sunday I traveled an hour and half to see extended family and at the end of the day three hours home to re-unite Us. 
I was a tired proud mama that day. 
I brought my new baby to see my great uncles, aunts and cousins. 
I was so happy so introduce them to my newest Little.
I left for home when things were getting hairy. 
Funny now, what I deemed time to leave is nowhere near the same these days.
I suppose that's why we start

Little by Little

Hop over to Jenny at Just a Minute for more Sixty Seconds on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 8, 2010 for Henry & me

Simple and sweet today.... for Henry & me
 (I'll have to go back and fix this page later as I realized that it would be proper for it to say Henry & me.  Correct?)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Sixty Seconds....

Another Memorial Weekend of camping with my family has passed but this photo remains in my heart forever.  It was taken in 2009, Henry had just caught his very first fish.  Even though it was just a short year ago he seems to have changed so much.  Most of his baby is gone.  There are a few reminders like when he comes to me in the middle of the night to ask if I will come and "sweep" with him. 
My baby. 

Jenny over at Just A Minute has more Sixty Seconds to view.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol 4

It was a week of weather from cool, low humidity days to hot, hot, hot and humid.  I prefer the former by far.  It was another great week full of blessings.  I've even started to carry a small notebook (as in real paper in a spiral binder) to capture some of my blessing as so I don't forget come Monday.


Open mouth baby kisses




Air conditioned house


Happy baby


Kids that behave well in stores


Children I can take out for lunch


Air Conditioning


Solo shopping retreat


Iced latte on shopping retreat


Husband who allows for solo shopping retreat

Raspberry patches


Littles who allowed for twelve pints of berry picking


Husband who picked raspberries with me


Full refrigerator


Date night


Seeing old friends


Love who cooks breakfast


Fresh Coffee


Independence Day


Grilling get togethers


New recipes


Quiet mornings


Husband & I starting adventures in canning


Daddy so dedicated to his children

Prayers, e-mails, & blogger comments for our Sophie

holy experience

Looking forward to another week full of His blessings.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 4


Sophie is feeling much better this week.  It's amazing to us how much happier she is.  She has been pulling at her ears now, whereas before she did not.  I suppose she if actually feeling things change in there and doesn't feel whatever one feels with an ear infection.  We will be going to have a re-check next week.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments, advice and prayers.  I so appreciate you!


On a whim I took the kids to this really cool place while Adam was out of town Salmon fishing in WI.  The kids made Mom proud with not touching breaking anything and I fell in love with the store.  I went to check out Kathie's Finds and she what she had available.  I have a new found passion for old second hand furniture.  Kathie offers classes on how to get the look of the wood shown at both sites.  I hope to take the class in a few weeks.  I have a few projects already lined up!  I am so excited I want to open my own business, you know because I have all this time on my hands. :)  We had a blast at Kathie's and Sophie just absolutely loved her  and they hung out while I shopped!  Now that's customer service!  She was so friendly and showed me the "back room".  I spied a beautiful or what will be a beautiful old farm table.  Oh, I wish! 


As I mentioned above Adam was gone fishing on Lake Michigan for three days.  We all missed him.  Two mornings in a row the kids said, "Somebody's missing".  When asked who they of course said, "Daddy".  It was super cute....I guess you had to be there.  I have to say that it went better than I thought while he was gone.  I think I distracted myself with the thoughts of getting a puppy.  I know, crazy.  And that's about exactly what the woman said when we were entering the human society.  Or something like, "Don't you think you already have your hands full"? 
Anyway, the good Lord brought me back to my senses and I did not get one.  I also should say that although my husband thought I was crazy he also said it was up to me.  I then had visions of tripping over 3 children and a puppy while making dinner. puppy.  All I can say now, thank God!


A few days ago I the scale finally read the same numbers it did before each pregnancy.  After Henry it took five months to drop the extra ice cream every night weight.  That was very short lived as the ice cream fest began again.  After Karley it took six months.  After Sophie the numbers came down slower and I worked much harder (13.1) and it has now been almost 11 months.  It's nice to be able to fit into my old out of style clothes.  


We've been going to local parks more this week.  It's been so nice outside.  Low humidity and lower heat.  We sadly turned the A/C back on today as the humidity has climbed.  Adam works in hot conditions during the day without A/C and prefers to have it cool when he gets home.  Works for me. :)  The kids love the park!


I've been hoping to make it to the strawberry and raspberry patch this week.  I really want to make my own jam.  Possibly freeze some fruit?  I hope to make it.  I'd love to know if you make your own jam.  Recipes?


I think we are going to have a quiet fourth of July weekend.  Maybe dig into some projects, get thing in order before our townie days next weekend.  We might go over to our friend's house for a barbecue on Sunday.  I am so happy that Adam doesn't have to work on Monday!  I love extra family days! 

I hope you have a safe and blessed holiday weekend!

Sorry, no pictures today.

Thursday, July 1, 2010 for grandparents

Here's the letter g......

You can see more of the letter "g" here.

Have a great blessed day!