Friday, July 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes Vol 6

We went camping last weekend with three other families.  We had a blast.  All the kids played so well together.  I have so many pictures I am going to do a separate post for this.  Our kids love camping, and so do we!
After camping my sister took Henry & Karley home with her.  Sophie had a doctor appointment and a meeting with the physical therapy lady so she had Mommy all to herself for three days.  It was a quick three days and way too quiet.  While my my kids were away they were sick.  Bummer.  Neither one of them have ever thrown up, my sister received the privilege of the first with that.  Lucky her.  I am very glad to have all my kids in one house with me.  As much as I might sometimes feel like things are so crazy, I've seen it the other way and I'd much rather have cRaZy!
Adam is super busy at work.  He's been working 12-13 + hour days.  Since the kids have been home he has seen Karley one time briefly.  This makes me sad as it does him.  We will however be glad for the extra income this will bring to us.  We remember that it will bring us closer to our hopes of moving to a house with 10+ acres.
While the big kids were away I didn't "do" anything super exciting.  I did however enjoy two mornings of reading in bed while Sophie slept in until almost 8:00 AM.  That never happens.  It seems like when I wake they must have a sense and they wake.  I would love to have a more formal time for prayer but I'm telling you, no matter what time I awake, when I am out of the shower at least one is up and then they all follow.  Is this called Momdar?  Anyway, I did enjoy reading I Will Carry You by Angie Smith.  What a remarkable woman!  I cried so many times while reading.  I finished it in 24 hours.  I just had to.  
Sophie's first birthday is right around the corner and I still haven't mailed invitations.  Actually, I don't even have invitations to mail.  I really should get on that.  I am at a loss as to what to get for her.  She really likes babies and stuffed monkeys. 
Yesterday was a beautiful day outside.  I thought I'd better mow the lawn since Adam really isn't going to have time and we are about ready to bale hay.  So I gassed it up.  We have a lot of gas cans in the garage and since Adam drives a diesel truck I made sure that I grabbed a red can.  I should also mention that we have a large lawn and still use a push mower.  Partly because the exercise is good and we just haven't shelled out the cash to buy a rider.  I made two passes and the mower conked out.  Grass is wet....go slower.  Okay, so that works a couple of times but what's up with the smoke?  Now, it gets harder and harder to start and I'm "priming it" every time.  More smoke.  So I called Adam, "Do you have diesel anywhere in the garage".  I am pretty sure I remember him saying no and anyway, gas goes in a red can.  Then he tells me to check the air filter.  What?  No that's not it because it won't start now.  So, I pushed her back up the hill.  When he came home last night he said to me, "Honey, we don't have a diesel mower".  I said, "I know".  He said it again, I just looked.  Oh ya, I get what he's saying now.  Then he asks, "Did you use this can?"  {It was red}  "Yes" I replied.  Then he asks if I notice the gas was red when it came out thus meaning it was diesel?  Uh no...I just put the spout all the way in the opening so I wouldn't spill "diesel" all over the place.  So he dumped all the diesel out and got the darn thing running again.  I really couldn't believe it, my MacGyver husband.  I was secretly hoping she was totaled, I wrecked the motor, new lawn mower coming.  No such luck.  She's fixed and ready for me to mow.

I had to cancel.  I have the sick. I am so bummed.  {To have had to cancel, well both really.}  I guess the kids brought it back home with them.  I hope it will pass over Sophie and Adam.  I did the right thing by cancelling, this mother would not want to have this while pregnant!
We are going on a play date today.  We are meeting new friends on what is supposed to be a rainy day.  It will be fun to meet new people.  The kids are excited.  The family has five kids one of which is a boy named Charlie.  Henry was confused and thought that we were going to see Charlie, Holly & Cori {That's next week}  He doesn't realize yet that boys are named Charlie too. :)
Jennifer at Conversion Diary has a great story and you can read more Quick Takes on her blog.
Have a blessed day!
Sorry no pictures....running quick today!  


  1. I can't wait to see the camping pictures, we had SO much fun!!

    I hope Big Daddy gets a break from work soon!

    Red tank = gas.....ADAM! :)

  2. You are cute! I laughed out loud on this! We all had a good laugh and sadly I still have the oldy mower. I forgot to mention....this is the same mower that i ran the wheel right off. I thought I was golden there....NOPE...he just welded it back on!

  3. Lol! Your life sounds so much like mine! I hope you're feeling better soon. Habing the sicks is not fun :(!



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