Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 5

We've been out of "boy" pull-ups all week.  Henry refused pink princess pull-ups so we woke him up before we went to bed and put the dreaded pink pull-ups on him.  {We rarely see a dry pull up on him in the morning but more often than not do on Karley}  We remarked that we can't believe he doesn't through a fuss anymore {okay, I of us really should get to the store!}.  Then Wednesday night he asked,  "Are you going to get me some more boy pull-ups"?  "Yes, son, we will".  Then later during the nightly escapades Karley said to Henry, "You have girl pull ups on".  Henry replies, "We ran out of boy pull-ups".  I think we really need to save this boy and get him hooked up.
Update:  I went to Costco yesterday!

While on my Costco trip I purchased this book.  {Costco price was $10.99}  I was super excited to have "learning time".  I told myself that I could be his teacher after this post.  Also, I think that pre-school being right around the corner scares me to wishing I could home school.  Mostly because I don't want my baby to be gone even though I know he'd probably benefit.  {With the exception of picking up bad behavior from other children.  It kind of seems like you work so hard to correct the potential bad behaviors that they have only to send them to school to get more}.  Am I right?
In any case, after the learning experience of today and days past I am not so sure I could be his teacher.  I can't even get him to hold the fat crayon correctly without complaints of his hands hurting.  UGH.

Whoa is me?  Maybe.  Okay, yes.  It's been an emotional roller coaster of a week.  My poor husband.  All I can come up with is that I need to get myself back on a schedule, need to get out of the house more, and quite possibly, some time to myself.  Do you all schedule time to yourself?  Or get time to yourself? 
Update:  I am pulling out of my slump!  YEAH!

Last Friday night Sophie moved from tummy to sitting up position!  Yeah!  Yesterday she was sitting up in her crib!  Yeah baby!  We have the woman coming to the house on Tuesday to assess her.  I've been going through more things with her.  She cries and hates it but we do it anyway {things like going up the stairs}.  Unfortunately, her scooting way of getting around seems to cause a few things that are going to work against her.  Like the stairs....she wants to sit and push back in the middle of the stair.  I think the "help" will be good so we can get her out of the bad habits.

Today Karley had an accident all over the bathroom floor.  Thankfully it was in the bathroom.  As I was cleaning the floor Henry adds, "It smells icky, like compost in here".  Uh, we don't have a compost.  I am going to guess he remembered an episode from Curious George.  Good laugh in the middle of cleaning up the floor!

The pictures in this post are just things around the area in which we live.  Just some random things here and there.  As much as I loved living in the city {yes, the actual big city of Minneapolis *Uptown*} when I was younger, I really enjoying living in the country.  While we currently live *in town* I would say we're still country.  It's everywhere, I love it.  Our hope is in two years time to be on our own land and have a large garden with possibly a tree farm.

Running.  Oh ya, that thing I used to do.  Well, in the last month since the race, I've ran four times.  Not good.  I think I just needed a break.  It's amazing how much you lose when you don't run all the time.  I hate to make excuses but the the weather has kind of been awful for running.  I am just not into running with 90 degree temperatures and 80% humidity.  I do want to get back on the horse though.  Maybe a Fall race will help motivate me.

Have a great weekend ladies! 
{I don't think there are any men out there that read my blog????  Maybe I am wrong?  If so, you'll have to give me shout!}



  1. Glad to hear you are out of your slump! Time out by yourself is so necessary, make sure you still get it! I try not to have a strict schedule during ther, but I keep to a general schedule all the time. If I do not get up early to exercise and pray,mommy is not a happy woman!

  2. Compost, that's so funny!
    Yay for Sophie, that's awesome she is starting to do new things!
    I *never* thought I would want to live in the country but I can't wait to own a house on a bunch of land now...someday. :)
    Have a great weekend girl!

  3. those pictures are all beautiful and it is ok to take a break from running. I know I have taken like a 36 year break. LOL
    I have had one of those weeks too and I could really use some me time as well. Doesn't look like I will be getting any anytime soon though *sigh*

  4. i am really laughing over that compost remark... smarty, smarty!!!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!

  5. Hi! Land and a garden sounds fabulous!
    I am signing up for a fall race to get motivated too. I is just too hot.
    Costco is just as good as any outing! I am still waiting for my Me time!
    Have a great week.

  6. When we run out of boy pullups, my husband "decorates" the girl pullups. The girls are given eye patches and swords all thanks to a marker.


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