Thursday, July 15, 2010 for

I am hoping to finish this ahead of the rest of the bunch over at Mama Bear's so I can have it for Sophie's One Year birthday party.  This week I am on the letter I.  I could use a couple of ideas for the letter J if you have them.  I really don't have any picture of her in jeans nor do I have any of her in her johnny jump unless I figure out how to freeze frame from a video?  Any other ideas?  I might just have to figure out the johnny jump thing.

Here's I......


  1. Its beautiful Tina!! Those pictures are priceless!!!

  2. There is nothing better than Ice cream for the letter I. Great pictures too.

  3. J is for Jokes that make the kids laugh!

    doesn't your mom's name start with a J?

    J is for "Just" like Mommy or "Just" like Daddy

    That's a few ideas for 'J'.

  4. Mmmm.. yummy icecream... and so adorable!!!

  5. Jog, jelly or jam, juice, jammies, jump, June bug-ew!

  6. Too cute!!

    Junk food...LOL! It was the only one I could think of!!

  7. She is my kind of girl!! :)

    I say try the jump thing otherwise maybe jammies...pj pics are always cute! :)


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