Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Sixty Seconds....

Another Memorial Weekend of camping with my family has passed but this photo remains in my heart forever.  It was taken in 2009, Henry had just caught his very first fish.  Even though it was just a short year ago he seems to have changed so much.  Most of his baby is gone.  There are a few reminders like when he comes to me in the middle of the night to ask if I will come and "sweep" with him. 
My baby. 

Jenny over at Just A Minute has more Sixty Seconds to view.



  1. haha!
    so cute.. looove the red hat too!!!

  2. Oh my! So cute!
    Make sure you "sweep" with him as long as he will let you! Love that!!

  3. Ohhhh! My baby is now seven. I know what you mean. What a special photo!


  4. Great picture! My boys still talk about our camping trips. A great family thing to do!

  5. Love this picture!! Isn't it amazing how much they change so quickly!? I cherish those last few things Alexa does too, I love when she needs her Mommy! :)

  6. Some of my favorite pictures are of them walking w/daddy. I really like this one.

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