Monday, July 5, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol 4

It was a week of weather from cool, low humidity days to hot, hot, hot and humid.  I prefer the former by far.  It was another great week full of blessings.  I've even started to carry a small notebook (as in real paper in a spiral binder) to capture some of my blessing as so I don't forget come Monday.


Open mouth baby kisses




Air conditioned house


Happy baby


Kids that behave well in stores


Children I can take out for lunch


Air Conditioning


Solo shopping retreat


Iced latte on shopping retreat


Husband who allows for solo shopping retreat

Raspberry patches


Littles who allowed for twelve pints of berry picking


Husband who picked raspberries with me


Full refrigerator


Date night


Seeing old friends


Love who cooks breakfast


Fresh Coffee


Independence Day


Grilling get togethers


New recipes


Quiet mornings


Husband & I starting adventures in canning


Daddy so dedicated to his children

Prayers, e-mails, & blogger comments for our Sophie

holy experience

Looking forward to another week full of His blessings.



  1. That is a GREAT family picture!

  2. Open mouth baby kisses are the Best.Thing.Ever!! And I love that you put air conditioning on there twice, it definitely has been nice the past week that's for sure!

    So when are you going to come over and teach me to make bread and can things?? :)


Thanks for making my day!