Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol. 6

At church on Sunday we were reminded of gratitude and hospitality.  It felt really good to hear the words spoken through the readings and re-iterated by our priest.  I have been reminded to keep seeing the gratitude all around me.

Summer days sitting on a blanket under a shade tree

Husband who never complains of mix matched dinners

Homegrown tomatoes

Husband who waters homegrown tomatoes

Witnessing Henry kiss Karley's boo boo's better

Baby sitting in her crib

Excellent timing on Sunday Mass readings

Homily that was fitting for the readings


Weather that passed by us without harm

Starting of a book club

Popcorn Maker Husband

Kids chasing bubbles

Adam playing games with big kids

Son who is learning his books

Have a blessed week!

holy experience


  1. I love home grown tomatoes too! I really like them fresh picked and warm!

    I love the photo of your son and the bubble . . . so cute!

  2. Love it! Your tomatoes look great. Holly

  3. those tomatoes look wonderful.. and that 2nd pic... warmed my heart a bit...

    happy monday!!!

  4. Love your list! You have ripe tomatoes already! Ours will be a bit yet.


  5. I join you in gratitude for home grown tomatoes and for sweet husbands that help out when needed. It was so nice to stop by and visit for awhile.


Thanks for making my day!