Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Quiet

It's been way too quiet in our home.  And our home just isn't our home right now.  We are missing two.  My sister is delighting in pull-ups, early bed times, rooster waking children, cooking for four sometimes hungry sometimes not, laundry times five, increased laughter, beaming smiles and happy hearts, bear hugs and kisses.  All of which I so miss. 

They are enjoying playing with cousins, sprinklers set up by Gram, beach with Auntie {although I've been told Henry not so much} and just hanging out in the town which I grew.

I am enjoying looking at this Sixty Seconds until we all re-unite tomorrow evening.

Have a blessed day!



  1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

  2. Enjoy this time without them though too! Do somehting fun for yourself!

  3. that might just be the sweetest photo ever!!!

  4. Isn't it funny how sometimes you just wish for a little piece and quiet, but miss the kiddos the minute they're gone. I'm so with ya! Kids are sure looking cute in the photo Tina :)

  5. I always miss mine too when they're gone, but it is also nice to have some quiet. Enjoy the quiet, and give them big big hugs when they come home again full of stories of their days away! Such sweet faces!


  6. My two are gone for 2 weeks right now - to the National Scout Jamboree in VA. (It would be quieter if my dear hubby was working...) Cute picture of cute kids!

  7. Hoping that gap is filled soon and you get to have your babies in your arms!

  8. That is a cute picture of all 3 of them! I love the rooster waking children, SO glad I'm not the only one with those. :) Glad they are home now!


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