Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes Vol 7

Another week has breezed by.  I was sick the end of last week and it really took a couple of days to shake it.  Sophie also ended up sick.  Poor baby.  The only person in our family to have escaped the bug was Adam.  Don't ask me how because usually if the kids are sick, he's sick.  We all hope he stays healthy. 

I had a babysitter come to the house on Thursday for eight hours.  This is the first time I've ever had a babysitter to go run errands.  It was nice, I got A LOT done and met Adam for lunch.  That was really great!  As carefree, yet productive, as it's not something that will likely happen on any regular basis.  My husband suggested for me to do it when we were discussing how busy this next month is for both of us.  He said he was going to be so busy at work and not here much (which makes things harder to get "done") so I should have the babysitter come.  I thought it was very nice of him to offer this. 

I have been in an organization tizzy.  I bought a new planner, hoping to combine a small planner and a three ring binder that I was starting to make "to do" lists in.  I am hoping that having actually times in my day will help keep myself on track.  I seem to always be thinking of all the stuff I need to get done and playing with the kids isn't top on the list, where it should be.  I struggle with balance.  I am always interested in how other people run their homes.  Schedule?  Take the day as it comes?  Clean one day, clean little bits each day?  I've tried things a few different ways....never really stick with anything.  Again, balance.  I'm thinking of going with schedule.   Back to school always seems to get things into shape for me.

Pre-School is just around the corner.  I think about homeschooling.  I go back and forth.  I wonder if I would be keeping Henry home and school him myself just to not have him "leave" me.  On one hand I think it would be good for him to have other friends besides his best friend whom he has to do everything with.  Would private school be good for him?  Open him up out of his shell?  I suppose all mothers feel the same way about their kids leaving the house.

I took all the kids to church by myself last weekend.  I was very very proud of how well behaved they were.  I also thought I was going to cry when they decided they would bring their envelopes up to the alter without Mom.  {The other kids all go without their Mom's....I would go with them so they would bring the envelopes up in hopes for the day that came last week!}  I was so proud of them.

My flowers are just about done.  It seems as if the Green Thumb of the house has abandoned them and I have kind of forgotten about them.  The heat we have doesn't agree with lack of water.  But then again, do flowers ever agree with lack of water?  I think of all the years I've lived here I've only had flowers last until September twice.  Knowing me as well I am getting to know me these days, I didn't buy very many this year.  The Green Thumb wonders how I am going to manage a real garden.  

We were supposed to be able to see the Northern Lights two nights this week.  I've seen them before in my hometown which is further north than where I live now.  When I saw some pictures on the news I had this grand idea of taking a picture to post on my blog.  I woke up at midnight, went outside in my pj's with my camera only to find the Big Dipper.  I also woke up at 4 AM, only peeked out the window this time.  Sorry.  No photos. 

I hope you are having a great weekend!


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  1. How nice that you could get a babysitter so you spend a day getting some things done! What a sweet husband you have!

    I have been in an organization tizzy too! I still can't figure out how to keep my house consistently clean. I just finished reading a book called Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley (also know as the Flylady). I'm working on implementing her suggestions, so we'll see. In September, I'm also going back to a schedule -- at least until our little girls arrive home. Then things will change again...
    I could chat on and on, but I won't :o).

    Have a blessed weekend!


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