Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's been a long time since I've really sat down to write a blog post.  I've been enjoying carnivals lately, but today thought I would do post with a little more from me.  I started it once this morning and found it too lengthy so I shortened it up a bit (really I did).

Changes.  A lot of changes in our home, mostly just with me.  Although the changes in me will affect the rest of the house, doesn't it always?  Changes for the good of us all, I hope.  It's has been a long time coming.  I've been thinking of little things here and there and now that summer is coming to a close it's time to implement. 

I realized that I've been longing for a schedule.  This should come as no surprise to anybody but myself.  Henry will be starting school in two weeks (for those I've talked with about homeschooling, we decided he will go to the private Catholic school 15 minutes away from our home) and I wanted to have our home run smooth while we transition.  I also am so praying that we can get out the door with patience (my part) and timeliness (his part).   That would be one change or rather two?  The schedule will hold a lot of changes in and of itself. 

I had a play date with an amazing woman last week, I'll call her "Mrs. S".  She had a lot of information for me.  I could have stayed all day to soak in all that she is, and all that she does.  She is a homeschooling Catholic mother of five, soon to be six, children.  Her children called me Mrs. Fisher (to which I first said, "Oh, you can call me Tina".  She informed me that she'd rather they call me Mrs. Fisher).  Boy, I sure did like being Mrs. Fisher.  I really felt all grown up!  That was lesson one of the respect she gets from her children ages 1 to 8.  That will be something we teach going forward (titles).  Another pointer I took home with me, among many, was that her children waited in the living room while she prepared lunch and we visited.  I was quite embarrassed that my own children were constantly coming to the kitchen every chance they got to ask whine for food, or ask whine when the food was going to be ready.  That has changed in the Fisher house.  I now prepare the plates (including our plates) and then after (I went with after because the prayer said was silly and sometimes not said at all by children because they were too busy eating) we pray the plates are set in front of them.   Now, one short week later, they say the prayer.  Wow!  What a change.  It sometimes comes out silly but we are getting better each day. 

I am not sure if Mrs. S's children brought thier plates to the sink but when my sister's kids were here, they did and so now that is being attempted here.  Going quite well I must say.  After lunch Mrs. S's older children swept the floor and washed off the table.  We will get there, Henry & Karley are still pretty young (aren't they?)  I wished I would have paid more attention to what her three year old boy accomplished as he is the same age as Henry. 

Mrs. S's children were also very good at handling discipline.  I asked her how do they so nicely and seemingly willingly go to their rooms when told.  I think she said that she's been doing it for so long they know.  I can't remember her answer exactly but I think that was it.  (There was a lot going on with eight children.)  In our own home during the last week, Henry & Karley have been getting better and better about accepting their punishment.  We are both fans of Dr. Ray (I need to finish reading his book, Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime!)

We also talked about Holly Pierlot quite a bit.  Talked about a having a mother's rule, schedules and such.  Mrs. S shared her schedule with me and I took quite a bit from it.  I've revised mine from before and decided I am going to stick with it this time.  I really do feel better about everything when I have a schedule and it's been going quite well.  

One of the things in the schedule is waking up at 5:00 AM each morning to do one of three things, read, blog or exercise.  Lately, it's been all reading.  I've missed 5:00 AM a few days but and have found 5:15 easier.  Why would 5:15 be easier, I don't know?  By the time my hour to hour and a half ends I wish for that extra 15 minutes.  In any case, I move on the next thing.  I guess it makes getting up the next day worth it right?  I caught these sunrises a few mornings ago.  Along with this breathtaking sky, it brought nice cool, low humidity weather.  We love that!  But are still happy with whatever God brings our way (more on that!).

All in all I just wanted to say how much I've been thinking of Mrs. S and how meeting her was truly in His timing.  He obviously knew I needed a role model such as her in my life.  I hope we can get together again really soon.  She also gave me a great book I finished reading last night, thank you!   

And thank you for reading and I hope you are having a blessed day!

Peace to you,



  1. The book she gave you is GREAT!

    Sounds like things are going well with your new schedule! You sound like you are at peace! I am happy for you! God Bless!

  2. it DOES sound like quite a few changes...
    but.. they sound like great changes to make.. i wish you luck with this!

  3. I started getting up between 5-5:30 last week too and am loving the time before everyone else is up. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! God bless - Holly

  4. Holly Pierlot wrote a great book. My wife is part of the group that comments on her blog.

    We're having a great discussion today over on Facebook about a fun experience we had concerning parenting and therapists this week about responsibility and kids.

  5. Katie - Yes, way more at peace and asking for God's guidance WAY more and realizing more and more about His Providence!

    Randi - Yes, great changes!

    Holly - Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Ian - Thanks for stopping by! I was on Aquanis setting up my account. I'll check out the FB page! :) Thanks!

  6. Change can be good! I'm sure everyone will adjust well, kids are flexable like that. :)

    I LOVE when I can be up before the kids, it really does make the whole day better I think.

    We started praying before meals awhile back and it seriously is one of my favorite parts of the day (that and night time prayers) because the kids are so cute and their prayers are so fun to listen to AND what a great way to teach them to talk to God!

    PLEASE don't make your kids call me Mrs. Bignell!! :)

  7. I can hear in your writing a certain amount of calm and peace. What a nice visit!

  8. Schedules are wonderful! Especially when they are written down and visible. It sounds like you have a very good day with your friend Mrs. S. I am going to see if I can find that book to read too,

    Praying you have a great week!


  9. "But are still happy with whatever God brings our way (more on that!)."

    ...could you be talking about more babies?? :)

    My hubby needs to be at work at 6 am, so he wakes up around 5:15 and I just lay in bed until about 6 and then I get myself and all the kids dressed and fed to be out the door around 7. I constatntly feel rushed, and know I need to start getting up when my hubby does to get things better organized.

    Also, we make our kids call adults who are our friends Mr. or Ms. (insert First name). So, Mr. Sean, Ms. Lucy, etc. because a lot of people didn't want to formally be called by their last name, but we wanted our kids to be respectful.

  10. That's a lot of changes to be making all at once. I understand how these things can feel overwhelming sometimes (coming from someone who made quite a bit of changes in her household routine when she married!), but in the end it is so worth it to see the respect and helpfulness from your children!

    Praying that this time of transition goes so smoothly for you!

  11. How great! This reminds me of just how intentional parenting should be. Our kids are not going to learn the things they should learn unless we are intentional about teaching it to them. This is a blog post I've been thinking of writing for a few years now. Someday, when the schedule allows I guess :) You are a great momma, Tina. Keep it up, with His help!


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