Friday, August 27, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 9

I'll go with a relatively easy post today.  I say relatively because sometimes seven Quick Takes is a little hard to come up with.  I do this carnival because it's a nice re-cap and it seems like a good way to get to know somebody?  What do you think?  I really enjoy reading other blog Seven Quick Takes.

My schedule has been going pretty good.  It hasn't been fully implemented as school doesn't start until the week after Labor Day.  I think that fact has allowed me to slide a little now that it's the end of the week.  I have that icky feeling of "things aren't done" and it just proves to me that this is for me (although not for everyone).  My hubby laughed at it at first but now that he has coffee made for him every morning, a lunch made every day and dinners have been most excellent, he's happy about it.  Oh and since I put a haircut (former hairstylist) every month on my schedule he'll be delighted!  We are putting date night once a month on the schedule as well.  When we can't make it out we'll make date night at home, making sure we do something different.

We had an orientation and BBQ dinner at Henry's school a couple of nights ago.  We met a few other parents and children that will be attending with him.  It was exciting.  I feel like we are embarking on a while new world.  It's crazy to me to think we will be having a child in school.  He'll be doing things that I am not there for and while it makes me sad, I will also be glad for him.  In addition to learning things that will be good for him, I am sure he'll learn things that won't be.  I've decided that those too will be teaching points in adversity, strength in character and morality. 

It's State Fair time here in Minnesota.  We haven't decided if we are going or not.  We didn't go when Henry was a baby as I was pregnant with Karley and wasn't up for walking around in the heat.  At the time I was on my feet working and needed a break from being on upright all day.  We did go the next year with Henry & Karley and I said we'd make it a tradition.  Then the next year (last year) I had just had Sophie via c-section and surely wasn't up for walking around all day.  {I remembered doing too much after Karley and it wasn't good}.  Now this year....can't decide.  Probably should go since we missed the county fair.  

I welcome the Fall season every year.  I love the colors, the cool nights, long sleeve shirts, pumpkins among many other things.  I used to be fine with summer being over but each year as the kids get older I am saddened to see it go.  This Summer seems like it's gone extremely fast.  Feels like we didn't do very much but yet the time passed with a blink of an eye.  Now that school will start I bet Summer will mean more and go by even quicker.  Next summer I am going to have a check list of all the things we want to do...places we want to go and make it happen.  {I read this on somebody's blog and I am so sorry I can't remember who said it...please take credit in my comments if  you are reading.}  I loved the idea.  I get so many great ideas from you all!

My Dad & Sally {Since naming children I have come to love the name Sally.  It reminds me of smile, silly, song and those are all things Sally, my Step-Mom} are coming to stay with us this weekend.  They weren't able to make it to Sophie's birthday party so they decided to come this weekend.  Of course I helped a little since Adam & I wanted to go out for dinner and a comedy night.  I think we are seeing Dave Mordal?   Shoud be fun.

I'm scrounging for things and my computer time is up.  I could update on running since it will be easy.  There's nothing to update since I haven't been in about a month.  I think next weekend we are going to convert part of the garage into a workout space.  I want to start doing some free weights and treadmill.  Not to mention finally getting motivated enough to get rid of my three month baby bump that contains nothing but fat.  Ab work here I come!

My last one to bed and first one up {Kardee Jane-E} is up and now I must get a move on.  Hope you are having a blessed day! 




  1. Sounds like a great weekend coming up! I know what you mean about the fall. I too enjoy 7 quick takes. I think I might start doing it too.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  2. i liked this.. fun readings!!!
    oh yea, and i LOVE state fairs too..

    have a lovely wkend!!!!!

  3. I didn't blog about it, but we did a check list this year for summer activities. I need to look at it and see how we did. I think we got through half of it. Not bad.

    I hope you are pleased with the decision you made regarding school, it's not an easy one. Henry will do great!

    Sounds like a fun weekend is planned. I do recommend heading to the Fair and making it a tradition. We LOVE it! So much to learn, try, and see (you can do it pretty cheap too).

    Whatever you do, have a great weekend!

  4. I think school will be great for Henry and he is going to love it!

    Yay for getting on your schedule, you rock!

    I think you should go to the fair too. The kids would have so much fun there and there's so much different stuff to see.

    Have fun this weekend! I wish we were going with you on Saturday...a couple weeks! :)


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