Monday, October 18, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol. 12

I arrived at school early one day last week.  When I am early I usually enjoy reading one of the many books I keep on the nightstand.   This time I had the joy of watching Henry and his class {seven in all} play outside on what was a beautiful Fall day.  I watched him enjoy sliding down the slide with his teacher, running with the other students, walk across the road, look both ways, put the ball he was carrying away and head inside with all the students.  I sat there and thought that there really aren't very many times in my parenting that I've been able to watch him {or any of my three} play while I haven't had to parent in some capacity.  What I mean to say, is that whenever I am with them I am always teaching them, caring for them, watching for potential dangers, basically thinking of their every need. 

On this beautiful Fall day......I was able to just watch my son.  I was to the brim with delight in just watching.

My list grows from 255 to 272:

Watching Henry Play
School Where God Reigns
Birthday Plans From Henry
Bible Study for Kids
Early AM Grocery Shopping
Ease of Movement with Children
Implentation of Projects
Outside Days, All Day
Great Homilies
Hard Working Husband
New Camper Opportunity
New Book Deliveries at PO
New Book Deliveries via Friend
Great Group for Bible Study
Awesome Instructors
Relevant Radio

Blessings Friends!

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