Friday, October 8, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 10

I just can't believe another week has gone by and that we are nearing the middle of October.  The saying the days are long but the years are quick used to be true for me.  But now it's all quick. 

Since it's Friday I thought I'd give you Seven Quick Takes as a means of catching you up with my house.

Last Friday our refridgerator went on the fritz.  It wasn't totally kaput but Adam, to my amazement, didn't really have a clue about how to fix it.  We kind of thought that went they go, they go, and aren't really fixable.  So we went fridge shopping on Saturday afternoon/evening.  Wow, have you bought a fridge lately?  Well, let me tell you there are some really, really nice options.  We, of course had our hearts set on the side by side that looks something like this:

We had to stick with the reality that our kitchen is a little too small for this mac daddy.  Anyway, as I said before, have you been shopping for a fridge lately?  We thought and thought about what to get and by the time Monday morning came around I was pretty much settled on a black, (go figure) freezer on the bottom, plain janer.  (We inherited a white side by side.)  But before we parted with the cold hard cash to purchase said plain jane I decided to give the repair man a call.  He came right over and fixed the old baby for $170 bucks.  Can't beat that!  So, I gladly put all Henry's school art back on our new old fridge and we are moving on.

I've made a few changes to the layout of the blog.  Just minor.  Did you happen to notice?  Thank you Jenny for helping me with a couple of things.  It was such a pleasure to talk to you on the phone.  I sure love your southern accent!  I had to go back to my old template though because for some stupid reason on  whim I thought I needed Intense Debate.  (I'll add the other changes again as I know you all are wondering what they are!)  So then yesterday for a little bit I had Intense Debate comments and blogger comments.  I was thinking that wouldn't be so bad because then all those that comment would have two options to pick from.  Thoughtful huh?  In all honesty, I might even go away with comments all together.  I'm still on the fence. 

I think we are going to pour footings for a shed this weekend.  We store all the Summer things in our basement (toys, patio furniture, etc) and then we can't move down there all Winter.  Plus I will start parking in the garage now that it's getting colder outside so we won't have that room anymore. 

I got a new breadmaker.  I vowed to get a Beadman and then when I was in the aisle at Costco I saw a Cuisinart and got that instead.  Not sure that was a good idea.  I made one loaf and it was way too dense.  It took about four hours and wasn't all that great tasting.  I'll try again.  My friend Susan has a Breadman and doesn't do a thing to her loaf.  This new maker started kneading like three times during the rise portion.....what?  Why?  Maybe I should read the manual at least a little and try a 1.5 lb. or 1 lb. loaf.  Back to the drawing board.

My sewing project has not been touched since my teacher (Mom) was here last.  I am so close to being finished but I am having bobin issues and can't remember the rest of the instructions she gave me.  Now I am back to begging asking her to come again so I can finish it.  Or perhaps I pack up silly little quilt table runner and bring it with my kids when she watches them on our anniversary weekend?  Maybe she'll finish it for me.  After all, does it really matter if I put the binding on myself?  I can still call it mine, right?

I often see images like these from my deck as the sun comes up.  I could be kind of obessed but aren't they pretty?  I really like the pink color in the morning sky. 

A little over a week ago I took some pictures for my friend/neighbor.  She was raised on a farm not too far from our neighborhood so we went there to take the pictures.  It was a really great place to take photos.  I only wish I knew more.  Here is one of my favorites. 

Have a blessed weekend everybody!

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  1. Hehehe! Cloud pictures? Obsessed? Hardly!! I'm doing a project taking 365 days of cloud photos. I love the ones like yours. There's so much depth and beauty in to them. It's really really hard to get a good photo on those pure blue days though ;o).

    The photo for your friend is precious!

    I need a new breadmaker. Mine just plain wore out yesterday. Maybe I'll start making bread from scratch. Hahaha!



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