Friday, October 15, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 11

What a magnificent week we've had!  I am excited for another project filled weekend coming up and even more excited for the weekend after!

Our "project" is a 10x14 shed that will store kids toys, outside summer furniture, lawn mower and things like that.  We have been storing these items in our basement but then all Winter long we can't get to anything else that's down there.  This Winter I would love to sort through all our things in the basement to decide what needs to be toss and what needs to be kept so as not to be featured on Hoarding, Buried Alive next season.

Henry must really like his teacher because he seems to have conned her into going down the slide with him.  I know this because when I arrived at school today the kids were playing outside.  They were so cute to watch.  I sat in the car with the girls and just watched him play with his classmates and Ms. J.  I loved seeing how happy he was, how he was having so much fun.  It's a rare thing for me to watch one of my kids and not be parenting them.  My heart was warmed to the brim observing him today.  Such a long time ago was the first day of school.

Just after bath last night we were all giggling having fun, me repeatedly asking the kids to get their jammies on when I noticed Sophie went from sitting to standing without the help of any furniture.  She stood there for what seemed a long time, before she realized and then she wasn't sure what to do next.  She dropped her cute little diaperless bottom on the ground.  How proud are we!  I think she'll be walking soon.  Her desires to keep up with big brother and sister are outweighing her fears of the next step.

This morning I took the kids to The Home Depot.  We looked around and I thought I would see what I could do to our cabinets.  I was offered to have a free estimate as to what it would cost to have them re-finished.  How nice.  Well, how much does something like this run??  Then I thought....I could do this myself.  Upon getting home, looking around, ah ya...I really have the time to do this myself.  HA HA!

I got three lovely new books today courtesy of my neighbor Mrs. S.  She's so wonderful.  I bought a book myself yesterday and need to go to the library for a book for my book club.  WOW.  Books coming out of my ears.  Can you tell I like books?  I hope my children will love books.  :)

I made a fabulous new recipe last night for dinner.  It came by way of my Mom from her People magazine.  It was so simple and I almost always have all the ingredients on hand.  I thought about taking pictures and posting the recipe but I am terrible about presentation.  Our food almost always goes right from the pan to the plate and since our kids are a little on the young side {for my liking} I serve them on plastic kid plates.  So I wonder, how nice would my new recipe look on a hot pink plastic plate?  Therefor, no pictures. 

We eat most all of our meals at the breakfast bar/table.  We are crowded and should really move into the dining room.  I need to get a couple more chairs and then we can watch Sophie throw all her food on the cream colored dining room carpet we inherited.  It would be nice to eat at the table, have it nicely set, eat from serving dishes (see #6).  I'm working on that next week.  We did this once before and it just felt different.  We seemed like a family all sitting down to pray & eat together.  I am really working on this next week.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.  It's a beautiful day here and I think we are going to have a fire in our little chimenia tonight.

Seven Quick Takes is hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary.  She has a wonderful story at Conversion Diary if you have time.

God Bless,



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