Monday, November 8, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol. 13

The land of blog has been an absent part of my day lately.  My God, my family, my house, my friends and my exhaustion have been keeping me away.  As it should be (with the exception of exhaustion)?  I haven't been as good as I would like to be about marking my 1000 gifts but I do try to to a moment each day to remember where these remarkable gifts come from.

Anniversary Weekend
Joy with my husband
Gram & Grandpa babysitting
Not worrying about children when away
Gathering for nieces birthday party
Safe travels
Pumpkin Patch & Carving Pumpkins {in the nick of time}
Wonderful neighbors who love to give to our children
Halloween parties with friends we don't get to see enough
Playdates with my Godson & Sophie's Godmother
Book Club get togethers
First meeting with Spiritual Director
Decisions on new church
Being able to see my Grandpa
Top notch cardio team for Grandpa
Better cholesterol numbers for me
Drop in day care
Children doing well at day care
New Bible Study group - where two gather in His name to learn & love Him
First Friday's
Children behaving well at First Friday
Henry's Birthday Celebration
Husband who helps get ready for birthday party {I couldn't do it without him}
Sister who cake decorates for me {I couldn't have done it otherwise}
All the love for our son
Henry's love
Four wonderful years of Henry
My Dad being able to stay with us
My husband finding ways for me to see hospitalized Grandpa
O Lord, our Lord,
how awesome is your name through all the earth!
Ps 8:10 NAB

Most Grateful,


holy experience

Numbers 273-302 of my 1000 Gifts