Friday, November 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 12

I'm ordering the Little House on the Prairie books for my niece whose birthday party is next weekend.  I remember loving those books and the show.  My sister and I would watch all the episodes when we came home from school.  What memories.  Not surprising that last night I elected to watch the end of one of those episodes.  The simple life.  Half Pint, Mary, Caroline, Albert, Pa & Ma. 

Henry has his first birthday party to go to tonight.  Adam, the girls & I are going to eat in the same restaurant.  I wonder how this will fare for the birthday boy because I am not quite sure if Henry will stay with the birthday group but I couldn't let him go without us yet.

I think this is the most beautiful song.

This sky greeted me the other morning.  I am awestruck every time I am presented with these beautiful colors.

I praise God for helping my Grandpa over the last week.  He answered obvious prayers with Grandpa being healthy enough through heart failure to receive a pacemaker and hopefully not need valve repair.  I keep praying for the not so obvious.

Now that we've turned the clock back I've started my hibernation.  I've been looking more at on-line shopping, and my kids think it's cook that they can turn all the lights off in the house for total darkness.  Henry actually gave me his lion {that actually roars} flashlight and said I could do the dishes by flashlight.
Don't forget about Little Star.

Thanks Jennifer!

God Bless!