Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Holiday

Last week I took the kids to a children's play at a theater near us.  The very cute play was Puss 'n Boots.  The kids did so well!  I was so pleased that I could take them to a play.    

For a number of scheduling reasons we decided to have Christmas with my two families the weekend before Christmas.  There were some really great things about having it early, one of which is that we will not be traveling late on Christmas Eve.  I am most grateful for this, late arrivals home makes for a hard Christmas Day for little ones.  I also like going to Mass on Christmas Eve and having a lazy present filled, pajama morning. 

The only downfall in having Christmas before Christmas was that there were still scheduling conflicts and each family only had a few hours to spend, all in one day rather than each enjoying a full day together.  My waistline, or lack thereof, was plump full all day long with all the delicious meals we had!  Yummy! 

Barbie was a hit this year for Karley.

  Henry loves Cars.

 Sophie was the last Grandchild to receive custom made Raggedy Ann from Gram. 

I met an old friend.  Do you remember her?

I did.

After two Christmas gatherings, my sister, Mom, niece and I all went to see this Angel in the local production of the Nutcracker.

Sunday morning we were honored to watch more angles and sweet sounds.

We are almost ready for the birth of our Savior!