Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol. 14 - Another Late Edition

I've gone rouge again this week.  More like I am a little tardy in linking to a Monday link with Ann.  I am just thankful to be able to sit a minute and gather, edit & post these three pictures.  A week full of His blessings you can see it all over their faces!  Or, certainly mine as I look at the photos.  We are just about ready for Christmas which is awesome because we have two of them this weekend!  I am only missing one, maybe two packages.  Hopefully the one that needs to come by Friday makes it before we are wheels up.  Here are numbers 321 - 337 of my 1000 gifts.

Warmth of the Home
Husband with a Plow - Just For Us This Year
Christmas Program

Family Coming to Christmas Program
Stranger's Help at Costco
Many Offering Help at Costco
Pink Candles
Purple Candles
Children Who Want More Bible Stories Read
Henry Knowing Which Bible is His
Henry Learning How to Follow Along on with His Own Book
Sophie's Never Ceasing Love for Books
Children Who Were Excellent During Immaculate Conception Mass
Grandpa Moving Back to Assisted Living
Having Adam Home More
Sisters Who Enjoy Hanging Out

holy experience