Friday, December 3, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 13

It seems like a long time since I've posted and to make matters worse, I've taken few photos in the last few weeks.  Strep has been making it's way through our house and I was either busy getting sick, or running to the drug store three times in a week and a half.  Amazingly, Henry has yet to get sick?  It would seem strange to me if he doesn't since we've all experienced the high fever, chills, loss of appetite (I thought this part was nice!), low energy, sickness.  We'll see what the weekend brings.

Speaking of the friend and I are scheduled to go Christmas shopping tomorrow morning. We'll see if that happens.  We are due to get a lot of snow later today into tomorrow.  Her husband plows, (Adam took this year off, thank God!) and if the roads are bad and my husband is sick.......that may or may not happen.  I do know Amazon cart gets bigger and bigger! :)

This week I finished up my Bible Study on the Psalms.  What a great study that was!  If you ever get the chance to take a class by Jeff Cavins & Dr Tim Gray, I highly recommend it.  I was so inspired by the group I meet with every Tuesday night for ten weeks.  I love hearing about other people's faith walk.  The places people have been, the motherhood journeys, the classes people have taken, the books they have all read, and then t top it off.....this class was added to each person's list.  It was a great opportunity to be a part of.  I love the Psalms.

We were toying with getting a small, inside the house, dog again this week.  {I went through this over the summer} In the end, after looking and reading about Yorkshire Terriers, I just didn't have it in me to train a dog.  Especially looking at the throws of Old Man Winter.  Maybe in the Spring?

We got our Christmas Tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving {after I was sick and before Karley & Sophie}.  We usually go with the rest of the Fisher clan to a tree farm not far from our house but over the last few years the trees haven't been well pruned and it's been really hard to find a nice tree,yet the cost goes up and up.  This year we all decided to go to The Home Depot!  We got a really nice fraser fir for almost less that the tree farm.  I swear it's the best looking tree we've ever had!  Yeah The Home Depot!  After we got the tree we all went out for dinner....that was the best part!  Only thing, now I don't have a picture to use for our Christmas card???

Let's see, December 3rd, Christmas card hasn't been started, calendars haven't been started, shopping isn't started, and yet I feel peace.  I am not frantic like I have been in years past.  It will all get done.  The one thing that I really wanted to do was the Jesse tree and that hasn't been started either.  That I am fretting over a little.  I really wanted to do that for the kids.  Maybe a quick coloring and cutting session is in order this afternoon??  I have the tree all set up and ready to go......

I heard a joke on Relevant Radio last night that made me laugh.  I debated on sharing it and decided it can't be that bad if it was told by a priest, right?!  I'll do the best I can by memory:  

A married an elderly couple went for their yearly checkups. The Dr. checked the wife first and after the Dr. checked the husband he sent him to the waiting room and ask the wife to come in.  The Dr. told her that her husband had a rare condition and unless he had 3 square meals a day very low stress levels at home and needed good old fashioned lovin' would not live very long.  Returning to the waiting room the husband ask what the Dr. said.  She replied very sadly, "Your going to die".
Thanks Jennifer!

Have a blessed weekend everybody!