Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year Of:

New Year's resolutions come and go.  I vow to exercise, eat less, wear a six pack, keep the house cleaner, stay more organized.  I re-vamp the list throughout the year {month, week, day).  It's all the same and in reality those things will probably always be daily struggles.  Quiet ones for 2011.  

After listening to a wonderful homily at Mass on Sunday, my year came to me.  When at home I asked my husband if he had any resolutions he wanted for our family.  His answer was a FUN year.  I agreed that a Year of  FUN, with less complaining {I confess, he was speaking to me} sounded great.  But this was not the year I was thinking of. 

This year has been a pivotal year for me.  A year of change without making it a year of change.  Change that seemed to take over, with welcome.  2011 won't be the named the year of change, although I do see more change coming.

The new year will be the Year of Prayer.  We will pray more as a family, I will pray more.  I will set times to pray.  I will pray for you, if you would like me to. 

We will also have the Year of Fun.  They say, "Go big or go home".  We'll just go big for 2011.   Why not?  We'll have the Year of Prayer and Fun!  We'll pray to have fun! :)

Karley Jane two days old in the hospital 4 AM

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