Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes Vol 14

It's been awhile since I've participated in Jennifer's Seven Quick Takes.  It seemed like a great fit for today's post. 

As you can see it's really cold here today.  I don't usually say much about the weather because it is what it is.  Whatever mother nature brings us I think generally think we should be thankful for.  Yes, I say generally because this kind of cold is just not right.  I could go on and on about pipes freezing, cars not starting, frostbite, etc.  It's just too cold.  The furnace is running all. the. time. and really it is cold inside the house.

My main thoughts on this cold snap is that I really do wish my husband wasn't going ice fishing this weekend.  I am all for him going, having a great time with his Dad but somehow the idea of him sleeping in a fish house on a frozen lake with temps like -24.5 F scares me.  A lot.  He thinks I worry too much, but my mind thinks of things like trucks parked on an ice road miles out from shore not starting and him walking to shore.  Or something going wrong with the heater in the house, etc.  I better just quit.  I am happy for him going just worry about his safety.

Last night I had a birthday dinner with my awesome sister-in-law, Daphne.  {Don't you just love that name?  You just don't meet very many Daphne's....her mom was pretty hip}  We had a great dinner but what was even better was the fact that we sat at the restaurant for four hours chatting away.  Kids, husbands, parents, school, church, God, the future....we talked about it all!  What another great way to celebrate 40!  I think I am really going to like this decade!  Thanks Daph!  I love you!

Since Big Daddy is going to be away this weekend I am going to take the opportunity to try and make at least one book and a slideshow for Karley.  The kids & I had playdate with Mamabear a couple of days ago.  She brought some books that she created to show me a few tips and tricks.  What a blessing that was!  Now I am super excited to make a photobook and hopefully start a blog to book! 

On the last day of school before Christmas break Henry brought us home a present he made in class.  He put it under the tree just as Ms. JoAnne told him to and he didn't tell us what it was.  I was very very touched when I opened the present of his hands on a little pillow with his adorable school picture in the middle.  It so reminded me of a present I gave my own mother when I was in Kindergarten.  A plaster plaque of my hand sprayed in gold.  My Mom kept this plaque for years and then one year she told me that it fell off the wall and broke and was in million pieces.  How sad.

On my birthday I met my Mom and sister at the Mexican restaurant for lunch in my hometown.  My sister had already given me a present as she didn't know I would actually be home on my birthday.  After lunch I opened this wonderful present from Mom.  I had tears in my eyes, my restored hand.  My Mom is also married to a MyGyver of sorts.

And lastly, since I am on a roll of days of old, my Mom told me the last two times I was home to make sure I stopped at my elementary school to snap a picture because any day it was going to be demolished.  Which is a little hard to understand since the district is talking about needing pods for overflow at the other elementary schools.  I guess this building is probably so old, not up to code and would cost more to correct than to build new.  Sad.  I got the picture just in time, Monday morning the building was demolished.  So many great memories of walking to and from this school, being the Riverview Rats Rams, playing kiss or kill, making first friends, teachers, ice hockey rink, red rover, double dutch, Mr. Goplin telling us all about Tom Sawyer & his friend Huck Finn, Mr. Sholtanover's overhead projector, third grade teacher's wig, Seasme Street & The Electric Company on cold inside days, wonder woman lunch box, String.  I could go on.  I also could find pictures I took of us back in the day.  Maybe another post.  It sure would be fun to dig up those pictures.

The Almighty has done great things for me.  Holy is His name.  ~ Lk 1:49 

4 Sweet Comments:

MamaBear said...

I didn't know you were a january baby too! No wonder we get along so well!
Happy birthday!

My old elementary school was going to be torn down too, but it got saved by some historical society. I know I'm old when my school was built over 100 yrs ago! Lit's a museum now) ha!

Happy bookmaking and feel free to holler with any questions!

Randi Troxell said...

-24 degrees!!!!
my goodness... where are u???
u should come down here to southern ga... i thought it was cold at 48 degrees this morning...

henry's present WAS seriously so precious!

have a lovely wkend!!!!

Katie said...

Wow, it is cold there!! I hope it warms up soon!

The dB family said...

I think being forty is going to be great! I turn forty in a couple of months.

I love the pillow from Henry! What a priceless gift!



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