Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Will Give Thanks To You, O Lord

After having completed a Bible Study on the Psalms this has been an excellent book to write down my daily thanks and praise to our Lord! I was very excited to start on January 1, with I Will Give Thanks To You, O Lord but you can certainly jump in at anytime.

You will enjoy a letter guiding you on how you might choose to use the book, a page listing the abbreviations of the books of the Bible, as well as a two page layout of 2011 and 2012 for future planning.  Each month has a beautiful picture followed with a selection from a great Christian writer, church documnet, or Scripture verse.
On the following pages you'll move right into your space to ink all of your thanksgiving. Each of these pages may contain verses from the Old Testament and New Testaments, saints, Christian writers, historic and contemporary figures.  You will also find Mass readings for each day of the year.
I've enjoyed writing each day in this book every day.  I keep it with me at all times as it's small enough to fit in my purse.  When I have a moment while waiting picking up my son from school I can jot down a few things from the day before or things I am looking forward to later in the day. For the most part I keep it on the kitchen counter top, open to remind me, at a quick glance all that I am thankful for. 

I plan on keeping this to be able to look back on, see where I was and where I am hope to go. 
Also, this is where I keep track of the 1000 Gifts with Ann Voskamp.

Here is a sample quote from the page of January 13 & 14.
The chief service I owe you, O God, is that every thought and word of mine should speak of you.  ~ St Hilary

And here's an actual page....

What better way to reflect upon your day!  It's not too late, you'll love using this to keep track of your 1000 Gifts!
You can purchase this book here.

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2 Sweet Comments:

CM said...

I really like this idea. I need to start doing something like this. It would be good to do this first thing in the morning before the day gets away from me. Thanks Tina for sharing!

The dB family said...

This is a wonderful idea! What a beautiful book! Thank you for sharing it!



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