Monday, January 24, 2011

Multitude Monday Vol 20

I seem to have lost track how many posts are filed under Multitude Monday.  This is actually volume 20 and I have mis-titled many.  I think you'll forgive?

This is my list I am transferring from my actual book:

3.2 Miles after a long long break
Husband who fixes treadmill belts
Winning entry in 1/2 Marathon
Dinner plans
100 Days
Grandpa leaving nursing home 
Answered prayers
Well rested children
Clean kitchen
Talking to Grandpa...
....hearing his good news from him
Positive attitude
Birthday dinner with sister-in-law...
....four hours of great conversation
Happy husband despite more truck issues
Kids playing well inside
Furnace working in -25F weather
Husband enjoying weekend to himself
Summer camping plans
Day at home with kids
Working on Karley's photobook
Husband home safe & sound
Completing a project...Karley's photobook
Ordering Photobook
Excitement of three books coming this week

Numbers 444 - 474

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  1. That is a great list! What 1/2 marathon are you doing?

  2. What a wonderful list! Wow, a half marathon!? I'm happy if I walk two miles! Enjoy!!


  3. wonderful list...
    makes you stop and realize!!!

    uuugghh... i am SO GLAD your furnace is working in -25 temps... i would NEVER make it where you are.. lol


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