Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitude Monday Vol. 15

I've been filling my book with gratitude daily.  When you make it a point to sit down each evening and give thanks to Him, you'd be amazed at how quickly the list accumulates.  It's been since January 3 since I've posted my gifts in this blog but I've been keeping track.  I plan on showing you my wonderful book where I keep it all in ink.  For today, here are the numbers 366-443 with a few pictures in the mix.

I hope you are enjoying your day!

Blessing to you as I count mine with Ann!

Adam home at dinner time
Husband calling to see how I am doing
Kids who are overjoyed to see Dad walk in the door
Husband to help me through a rough week
Good conferences for Henry
Talking to Grandpa on the phone
Online & real life friends
Being able to stay at home with my kids
Sisters holding hands.... joining in
My Dad having strength & time to care for his Dad
Adam doing baths for kids
Back to school routine
Meat market with good meat
To Do Lists
Plans coming together
Follow through
Treadmill belt
Sleeping In*
Pizza night
Class of '89
Husband who fixes everything...Zsu Zsu pet insides pictured below

Good late night conversations
Teamwork in cleaning our basement
Money saving shopping trips
Church with my family
Beautifully decorated church
Kind words regarding our children
Teamwork to get house picked up
Dinner guests
Kids playing with dinner guests

Rhythm of Mondays
Early Birthday presents...thanks hubby!
Kids playing with such imagination
Early morning hours
Hum of dishwasher
Birthday invitations for soon to be three year old....
Playing with new gadgets (early birthday present)
Kids cleaning up unassisted
Kids getting jammies on all by themselves
Play dates

Local grocery store
Text messages from hubby
Good advice from a lifelong friend
Getting errands done
Pre-school outings
Catholic church
Seeing Grandpa look so much better
Seeing Aunt & cousins (CA & SD)
Adam driving to GR
40 Years!
Lunch with Mom & sister
Shopping with Mom & sister
Latte with husband
Cake & ice cream with family
Mom making the cake for Dad's family
Family Pictures

Birthday dinner with a lot of family
Kids playing poolside
Kids playing with cousins
Kids being able to stay up late
Great conversations with sister
Naps in the car
Ability to make it through the day on little sleep....
...strength from God
Being home
Good conversations with Mom
Text messages with Tonya
Seeing family before they travel home
Husband driving all the way home
Husband cooking dinner...
....helping with dishes.. kids a bath

I hope you have a blessed day!

2 Sweet Comments:

The Sanders Family said...

So much to be thankful for, Tina. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE that your hubby fixes Zhu Zhu pet insides too, ha!

Kim said...

Family photos are the BEST! I know you will cherish this one for many years to come. Thanks for sharing and keeping us all mindful of what we can be thankful for.


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