Monday, February 7, 2011

Multitude Monday Vol 21

I started the morning early, earlier than I said I had to.  I'm thinking He is telling me it will work, somehow.  Maybe He's telling me He needs to talk to me during these quiet hours, to ask for more grace throughout the day to get me through.  Maybe He's also telling me that if I follow my Rule it will work out better.  Listen in the quiet to get you through the swells of the chaotic.

My morning quickly turned blue with husband wondering what was wrong.  Sometimes there's just nothing a person can do but bang out their blessings and be reminded.  And the reminder of the last two weeks helps the blue wash away.

The Bible Book Store...
...great service from Debbie
Husband who loves me
For getting a another wonderful book in the mail
Good deals at the grocery store
Healthy children despite colds
Advice from Ped
Giving books away
Understanding husband
Having husband for my BFF
Donuts with the S family
Holding a new baby
Discussing books with Mrs. S....
....and Bible Study
Good sounding boards
Chili Feeds
All our kids running free in the gym together
Good meeting with spiritual director
Coming home to a full house
Coming to a better decision
More donuts
Scattering for morning appointments
Making large amounts of food
Grilling husband
Grandparents, sister & nieces spending the night
Conversations at the breakfast bar
Additional family gathering for worship
Birthday Guests
Wonderful out pour of love for our Karley Jane at her birthday party

Letting go of making birthday cakes
Photobooks arriving at the door
Husband who is satisfied in the small treasures of his birthday
Children who are excited to pick out gifts for Daddy

The joy on their faces when he opens their presents
Remembering Pineapple Upside Down cake just in time
Laundry piles
Knowing a messing house is sometimes just going to be
First Dentist Appointments

Old pro and new pro at the dentist
Accepting vocation with Joy
Knowing when enough media is enough
Reading books to children
Learning to trust His Will
Hearing my son tell me I forgot to say the morning school prayer
Sneaking a quiet minute to learn more about her ideas of thanksgiving
Spring cleaning
Dinner chairs that couldn't be any closer
Loving text from husband
Karley's birth three years ago

Wonderful daughter that she is
Going out for dinner for her birthday
Eating ice cream in the middle of it all
Great feeling of family and blessings while eating ice cream
Bible Study, haircuts, lunch & playdate all rolled into one morning
Pinks of the morning sky
My sister on her birthday
Re-Arranging of rooms
Husband home to help with projects
Movie night with husband
Henry & I going to church
Henry wanting me to read him the book on the Mass for kids
Nephew's birthday gathering with family
Kids playing well
New discipline techniques with Daddy starting them
The grace to know blessings when I felt like I didn't have any

Numbers 475 - 541

Considering joining Ann?  You'll be thankful, guaranteed.


  1. Gratitude seems to be a cure for me as well. It looks like we've made some similar decisions (ie media) It made a HUGE difference in my life. Prayers for you my friend.

  2. That is such a wonderful list! I know gratitude has really helped me as well.

  3. What a wonderful list!
    looks and sounds like lots of birthday fun! Love you - Holly

  4. Ah yes, the joy of letting go of homemade birthday cakes is amazing ;)

    Your poor sick kiddos :(

    And I wish I was Mrs. S!!


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