Friday, February 25, 2011

Seven Quick Takes - Vol. 16

Oh it's been a long time since I've participated in Seven Quick Takes.  Recently, I was told by a friend that she enjoyed reading them, so I've been inspired to do one this week.  Here goes.

I've re-tooled my Rule a bit but I'm not quite finished with it.  I really want to wrap it up so I can get back on a schedule.  I have most of it in my head but some of the daily tasks need to be added.  I am thinking ahead to warmer, no jacket required weather and getting out of the house to enjoy time outside and some bread making.  Wish me luck on that one. 

Running has entered the picture again so that needs to fit in somewhere on the schedule.  MacGyver is awesome at telling me to just go and run but it's really hard to get the motivation to run 5 + miles on a treadmill.  {Katie, I don't know how you ever ran 18 on a treadmill.}  I ran outside a few times and that was such a treat I was spoiled.  Then we had snow and more snow so running outside was out.  It's still dark in the early AM before MacGyver goes to work and after dinner it's dark too.  I find it a little scary to run in the dark.  In about a month this will all resolve itself.  The goal?  A half marathon on April 16.  I was hoping to try for a personal best but the lack of training is going to make me think of "try to finish" as the goal.  I'll be looking for a race close by for the end of May or June, possibly something September or October as well.

Not only do I like the high calorie burn running provides because basically, I like to eat, but I also really need to lower my cholesterol.  It's high.  I mean really high, especially with family history.  Yikes.  So I've been thinking of cutting a few items out of my diet or drastically lower their consumption.  We eat pretty well, for instance I avoid box anything (cereal is the exception and still not frequent), avoid high fructose corn syrup (so hard to do these days, you really must read labels), we eat our fruits and veggies.  So what could be cut?  From the information from the doctor I guess it's red meat and butter.  I really don't want to use anything but butter so I'm in a quandary.  Red meat....well, I guess I better start ordering up more of those home grown, butchered in the backyard, chickens we get.  Yes, think Food Inc. 

We've had two wonderful playdates this week.  Two in one week is a real treat, both with brand new babies.  The kids loved it and so did I!  I think Sophie really loved having Cori over.  She liked seeing another little girl her size and ability by her side.  And today we are going to stay with my sister for the weekend while MacGyver goes ice fishing.  The kids will really love that!  They so love playing with cousins!  I also love staying with my sister.  Also, on tap is cutting my Grandpa's hair.  It will be good to see him.

Speaking of Grandpa....he's holding is own.  I need to get another update from my Dad.  On top of everything else I am told that Grandpa is now anemic.  This is due to his kidney failure.  Evidential our kidneys produce a hormone that we need to keep us from being anemic.  When in failure it's not produced and I am not really sure what the downside of replacement hormones is.  That will be discussed between my Dad, Grandpa and doctor.  We cherish each time we get to be with him and as always pray we for him.

MacGyver and I have been watching season four of Big Love.  For some odd reason I love this show we get from Netflix.  I get so excited when one of those red envelopes comes in the mail.  I fear yesterdays envelope might be the last of the season.  I can't wait to for the next season to be released.  Is it even over yet?  I had to quit following it on facebook because there were too many season five spoilers.

I leave you with this favorite.  It was taken a few months ago and she has never wavered from her answer.  This was my first time going this....I would have liked to cut the end but wasn't sure how or where, so sorry it drags on. 

Have a great weekend!!

6 Sweet Comments:

Jenny said...

Oh Tina so happy to see you! Good for you getting back into the running routine. Soccer season just started back up so I'm ready to start walking again and eventually, maybe, I don't know, running even???? I can't stand the treadmill so I walk the soccer fields while kids practice.

Katie said...

I have never heard of that show. Is it on TV? And, two movies with a big screen TV right in front of me (my neighbor's house) . . . that is hos I got through 18 miles on the treadmill!

The Sanders Family said...

Another blog makeover? Looks great, Tina! :) Great post too!

Laura said...

Oh Sophie you are WAY too cute!! I can't believe how much she has changed since we saw you last. Adorable. I was just thinking today how the days are getting longer, love that!

The dB family said...

Still thinking of and praying for your grandpa. SO glad to hear he is holding his own.


Kris Edlund said...

Big Love is currently airing their last season on HBO - it is pretty good and sad at the same time as we won't have any more seasons! I won't give away anything, so you can wait and watch via Netflix when the season is released on DVD. One of my guilty pleasures!


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