Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Living Where I Was

Upon leaving I realized that I had lived fully right where I was.  I did not intend to, not really.  It's the goal these days, to live intentionally but when I set out for the weekend I didn't say, "I'm going to live intentional all weekend with my family".  

When I didn't pack my book back with all the books I've ever wanted to read, I was in the right direction.  I didn't know it though.  I only knew that I should be realistic and understand from all trips past, I hardly read a thing.  This time I realized, hardly reading was a good thing.  A really good thing.

Instead of longing to sit and read books, I sat with my little friend who adores me.  Who I didn't have to try and hold while cooking dinner.  Instead, I just held her while my sister or Mom cooked dinner.  I sat with my sister and we wasted time on our computers, side by side, enjoying each other's tired company knowing wasting time was all we were up for.  Instead of wishing I was lounging on a couch reading a book, I delighted in the afternoon, with my sister and Melissa at the Women's Expo, shopping and enjoying happy hour, while my Mom was Gram to five.  I didn't even think of books only what a great time I was having in the moment I was in.

I realized these graces as I said my good-byes.  It was a great weekend.  I love my family and am extremely blessed to have the one that I do. 

Eucharist means first of all "thanksgiving"
CCC #1360
Two weeks of blessings ~ numbers 585 - 638

Watching mother & child swing endlessly from my kitchen window at the park across the way
Morning Rosary
Four Mile Moonlight Run
Two Clean (no papers or "things") Counter tops
Day Completed According to My Rule
Bible Study Completed
Calm & Quiet Within
Getting It Done
Rosary with Henry
Mom & Jim Home Safely Through Blizzard
Dinner with Niece, Nephew, Brother-in-Law & Sister-in-Law
Bible Study Wrap Up Discussion
New Bible Study Book Arriving Doorstep
Playdate with Neighbors
Playdate with Country Neighbors
New - Old Ideas of Breadmaking
Inspiration to Start 100 Days Again
Cousins Playing
Sisters Catching Up in Person
Seeing a Fun Smile on Her Face
Good Weather for Driving
Safe Travels
Good Dog Entire Trip
Entryway for Dog in -17 Degree Fahrenheit Temps
Sister, Friend & I Having Lunch
Going to Women's Expo...
...Happy Hour
Dinner at Gram's
Dessert Twice
New Bible Study Invitation
Realizing All the Books I Didn't Read but Relaxed with Family
Blessed Weekend
Cutting Grandpa's Hair
Massaging Lotion in His Arms, Scalp, Hands & Neck
Safe Driving Home
Coming Home to Husband's Fish Fry
Seeing Grandpa
Good Night's Sleep

Joining Ann.

Hope you are having a great week!

4 Sweet Comments:

Katie said...

Tina- I usually pack way too many books when I go away too! And I rarely read them.

Laura said...

Family time, lunch, shopping and happy hour are much better than a good book sometime. :) Love your lists!!

The dB family said...

Beautiful list! You're reading the book too!? Isn't it marvelous? Ann really makes us thing about our days doesn't she. Eucharisteo...


Holly said...

Great list! Love you!


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