Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Lenten Adventure 2011

I think I've been waiting for Lent to arrive.  For about a month my mind has been thinking of things I would like to do for Lent this year.  I also wanted to take the time to go back and look at what I did last year.  Was that ever something to read and reflect upon.  Some changes in myself and some things I still struggle with (meal planning?!).

Yes, meal planning has been back in my thoughts again and what was even crazier was that I was thinking of keeping some toys for Sophie until Fall (which would have been six plus months ago) and I still have them. 

Here is what I am planning for Lent this year:

Of Course Ash Wednesday, All Fridays my kids & I will abstain from eating meat.  I will also fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  Like last year I will also give up facebook & twitter.  I will blog, answer e-mails and use the web but all on a limited basis.  The books are stacking up, therefor, I will abstain from buying any more books during Lent. 
I am hit or miss on morning & evening prayers but seem to make noon prayers.  I only remember noon prayers with the help of an alarm otherwise I am sure this too would escape me.  So I am thankful for the alarm.  So for Lent I will say morning prayers, noon prayers, evening prayers and an examination of conscience, daily. 

As I mentioned earlier, we do have toys to give even though I didn't think so.  I am also going to really look at my closet before I  put winter clothing away (should be soon, no?).  We will be going through our food, kitchen items, clothing and toys and passing things along to others.  Another item on our list is to visit the elderly.  I have checked into visiting a couple of local nursing homes but really haven't had much for response.  I mentioned it to Fr. Tony during my meeting with him and he is looking into something for us.  So I think we will be adding that some time during Lent. 

Scriptural Reading:
I am going to read from different parts of the Bible using The Better Part to guide me for Lenten passages.  I plan on doing the mediation exercises and journaling my way through this. 

There is it!  I have to say that it feels good to have an actual plan.  I am going to go back and make a plan for the Year of Prayer so I have a few concrete goals and things don't get left by the wayside {because, uh, I never start things and don't finish them!}. 

If you are preparing for Easter by way of Lent, what are you doing?

Have a blessed Lent!

4 Sweet Comments:

Colleen said...

Love your idea to visit the elderly, what joy your family must bring to them!

CM said...

Wonderful post, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your ideas/goals. I need to do many of the same.

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Holly said...

Great ideas! Love you!

Jolene said...

Love this post. Your dilligence inspires me! Miss you friend and your wisdom!


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