Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Next 100 Days

Last week my friend Holly and her three blessings came over for a playdate.  We seem to have inspired one another to change three things for 100 Days.  I started shortly after the new year but one of the things on my list wasn't really attainable for me.  It is kind of hard to do some random act of kindness when there are days on end that I don't leave the house.  Don't laugh, it's true, we love being home.  Of course, this will change once the weather warms but it's hard to think of random things under this one roof. 

So I have now revised the list and instead of a random act of kindness {random act is now a thought for Lent} I decided to plug in to keep my counter tops clean of stuff.  You know, papers, toy car wheels, princess crowns, timers, cookbooks, lists, cameras, coupons and the like.  They all make their home my kitchen counter top and make the kitchen look, ah, less clean?  So, on the list it goes.

The second item on the list is to take a photo a day.  Back to the beginning.  Please forgive, some of these photos are going to be with my phone camera, you just never know when something photo-worthy is going to prevent itself.


The last item on the list is to read from the Bible to the kids every day.  We have been hit and miss.  Adam has been joining the reading when we do it at night which is awesome.  It really helps with managing Sophie during this time.  She would really rather read a book that features only pictures of animals on hard board.  This makes for an interesting Bible reading time. 

As you can see, Miss Sophie enjoys animal board books so much she likes to read it to Mary in the strangest of places.



4 Sweet Comments:

Holly said...

Yeah! I started 3-1-11 too and did not do all 3 on either of the first 2 days...but am aiming for 3 checks today. Good choices. God bless - Holly

Jenny said...

Oh how sweet. I need to get back on track with my 100 days.

Laura said...

Love the pictures! I'm glad I start the picture thing too, I know I'll be happy to have them all. :) Good luck with the counters, that always seems like an impossible task around here too. Can't wait to Summer, you know you'll be out and about lots...with us!! :)

The dB family said...

Sweet sweet photos! You'll be so glad you have them!



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