Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo Catch Up


Not my belief & I find it rather humorous.



3.17.11 ~ droid

3.17.11 same photo zoomed ~ droid


3.20.11 Cheers Grandpa ~ droid



5 Sweet Comments:

Colleen said...

I think we have the same kitchen chairs!

And your puppy is so cute, even for a non-pet lover like myself.

Randi Troxell said...


i know right, in the bible it says man will not know the time nor day nor hour...



have a wonderful wkend!

oh... sweetest looking new puppy ever!!!

Kate said...

Great pics!

Save the date??? Oh my - I love how people think they can figure out Christ's return when even HE doesn't know when it is! The Bible is clear - only the Father knows!

The dB family said...

Great captures! The sign just makes me laugh.

Have a blessed weekend!

Laura said...

Save the date, huh??

LOVE that last one! I bet that little puppy is getting lots of love over there.


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