Friday, March 4, 2011

School Transportation

Yesterday after I dropped Henry off at school the girls and I met my beautiful sister-in-law for breakfast and a haircut.  It was really nice to meet and catch up.  The girls were very excited to see Auntie "Daffy"  What a treat it was to do this!  I hope we do it again! 

On my way home I decided to pull over and snap this picture at the high school in town.  Adam went to this same high school and each time I see these sleds parked on the hill I wonder if my husband rode a sled to school?  Even if he didn't, I think of the sleds parked there and imagine Adam, Dan, Nathan, Skippy, Brad and whoever else they ran with them and all of their stories. 

Adam is still friends with all of these guys and all the wives are friends too.  Actually, we are all getting together in a week for a birthday celebration! 

Kind of cool to ride into school and I can only imagine the ride home!



  1. Oh how funny! In a town near us, they have room in the FFA building for kids who ride their horses to school.

  2. Jenny,

    I think you've trumped me!

  3. Haha! Very cool! I saw a mom picking up her children from school the other day on the snowmobile. I thought it looked fun!


  4. That is awesome that a lot of kids ride sleds to school :)


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