Saturday, March 12, 2011

Start to Finish Popcorn

Start to finish popcorn.  
Well almost start.

POD 3.5.11

As you can see by my choice of dishes to use in the photographs, I am neither a food blog nor a food photographer.  The purpse would only be to show my kids one day that we really did make the popcorn from othe apple orchard. 

I recommend eating popcorn from your local grocer.  It didn't make a lot and wasn't very fluffy.  Overall taste wasn't bad though, I suppose that could have been thanks to the butter and salt you can see on the sides of the bowl?

4 Sweet Comments:

Holly said...

Yum! We love popcorn here. Earlier this week we popped some on the stove in a little coconut oil, added salt and it was great even without butter.

The dB family said...

Very neat! We tried to grow it once. We were very unsuccessful. I currently have red popcorn kernels in the house. They are very white when popped.

Laura said...

"I recommend eating popcorn from your local grocer" haha that totally made me laugh. How cool that you tried that though, I have never made popcorn any other way besides putting a bag in the microwave. :)

Mike and Katie said...

"The purpse would only be to show my kids one day that we really did make the popcorn from othe apple orchard." It looks like your "o" escaped from "purpose" and stuck to "the". :)

I choked at the gas total. Ugh! I usually don't fill the tanks so I don't see the impact.


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