Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm close to half way, or perhaps a little over half way and I think I've only just begun realizing that He's everywhere.  Jesus isn't just in the books I read but rather in the heart of those who allow Him in. 

It's my desire that my children will always have a place for Jesus in their hearts and so I strive to bring them to Him in every way that I can.  I read books to them, bring them to Mass and teach them about what the Mass really means, pray with them, for them, teach them about the miracles of Jesus.  

Perhaps there is something missing though.  When I write this list, about little girls giggling, the three of them playing together, am I really seeing Jesus present or just getting a warm fuzzy feeling of how great my life is?  I'm not really sure and this is why I won't be finished at 1000.  Am I seeing wonderful things or the wonder of God in all things?  Am I thankful or giving thanks?  Grateful for good or gratitude for everything?  Should I be striving so they see Jesus or live so they see Him?

Numbers 638-679

Little girl giggles
Family Bible Story Time
Littlest pushing trains across kitchen floor
Husband home early from work
Watching all three play together
Securing a babysitter
Encouragement to run
Breakfast with Daphne
Husband home early for dinner (is such a blessing it has to be counted more than once)
Being able to call my Mom
Being able to call my sister
Finishing chapter 1 - Courageous Generosity
Courageous Generosity for Women Bible Study
Fellowship with Mrs. S & Co.
New opportunities for Adam
Spiritual Direction meeting
Movie night with kids
Slumber party in the living room with kids
More Lenten ideas coming together
Movie night with husband
Collaborative parenting
Living in the day present
Smooth morning getting ready for church (15 minutes to spare!)
Hearing homily
Donuts for all
Special day with Karley...
...Disney on Ice
...Book Store
Seeing friends
Dinner made by Adam
Brother Bear missing us
Warm greetings upon arrival home
Printed Rule
Sale on four new books
Beautiful weekend
Karley's "God is Love" cross she made
Cookie baking with the littles

POD 3.4.11

Joining Ann for One Thousand Gifts.


  1. I don't think the list should *ever* stop!
    We had so much fun yesterday, can't wait to see you more this Summer. :)
    Love those pictures, I can't believe how big Sophie is!!

  2. I couldn't finish at 1000 either. Your children are so sweet!


  3. Great list of thankfulness once again, Tina! Love the photos too :) I think you're right on in making sure we're not just giving ourselves warm fuzzys. I've been thinking about that lately, actually! Great post!


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