Friday, May 20, 2011

My Husband Rocks Promo!

On our first camping trip of the year my wonderful friend Holly had one of these awesome t-shirts.  You wouldn't think a t-shirt would be such a topic of conversation around the campfire but it was.  Let's just say all the husbands were wondering why their wives weren't wearing a t-shirt like this one I wore to the zoo the other day.  I love the t-shirt and so does my husband! :) 

I have been blessed enough to be able to offer one of you a $25 gift card to Union28.   They have all kind of apparel, hats, etc.  Not only do they have "my husband rocks" apparel, they also have "my wife rocks" and "my daddy rocks" and "my mommy rocks". 

Here are the requirements:

Head over to Union28 and pre-shop, come back here and in the comments section let me know which item they offer you liked the best.

If you would like more chances, follow my blog or sign up for e-mail updates by clicking on the button to the right.  You can also tweet, facebook or blog this promo.  One entry for each thing you do!

I will pick a winner by on Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh I almost forgot, if you are like me and you want one of these items now.....Union28 has offered any reader of this blog 15% off until June 12.  Upon check-out add the code U28MPF15 under discount/promotions.

Happy Shopping & Good Luck!



  1. What a fun shirt. It looks great on you!

  2. Very fun shirt and what a fun way to enhance your marriage.

  3. Yeah for husbands! All of their stuff is great!

  4. seriously cool!
    hubs would LOVE this..
    have a wonderful wkend!!!

  5. Thought you might want to know that both the link on your post and the ad below have the wrong link. They are linked up to .com and they should be .net!

    I like the united shirts. :)

    I already subscribe to you via e-mail.


  6. I now follow you on GFC! :)

  7. Oooh, I love the pink "forever his bride" shirt, and the cute had, and the hoodies, and and!!!!
    I already follow your blog too!

  8. I am loving the shirt that you have on. I think it would be perfect to wear for Father's Day :)

  9. I think I might get a "my wife rocks" and a few "my mommy rocks" hehe :) LOVE these, and you look adorable!!

  10. Ha ha...lovely your husband rocks your shirt tell that to anyone, i think you love your husband a lot. keep loving him.


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