Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Post 300

Post number 300 full of a bunch of randomness mostly because I haven't blogged in forever and can't keep a thought.  Or a sentence.  I wish I had the time to blog more often but our life has been so full I just haven't had the time.  I have managed to take pictures most days, there were a few when the camera battery needed to be re-charged.  A job that seemed to take two days to accomplish.

We are camping this weekend over at Carrie's Campground with a large group of friends.  We will have the pleasure of this lovely family next to us!  This will be our maiden camping trip with our new camper.  You may remember our old camper that we got last year.  Wondering why a new one so soon?  Basically, we fell into a great deal and decided to take the upgrade.  My Dad & Sally bought our old camper, that the kids & I delivered last weekend.  I have to say that I felt accomplished to have hauled the old camper three hours north all by myself.  Now, if I can only learn to pull the fifth wheel and how to back up! 

I took this picture about half way up north.  A lunch & bathroom stop was planned according to the parking requirements for a person who does not need to showcase lack of reverse skills.  Easy in, easy out.

Anyway, the kids are super excited to go camping this weekend.  I finished putting their beds together this morning and they put their clothes in their new drawers.  Every day they do more and more for themselves and putting their own clothes in their own drawers was one of those things.  Their pride and ownership was heart melting. 

More random ~

I made this yummy cake for Easter dessert.  If you like chocolate and fruit....this is your cake!  Simple as can be.  Chocolate cake in two 9" pans with chocolate frosting inbetween, all around. Kit Kat bars all around.  Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries on top.  Yaaa uuuuhhhhh mmmmm!

We traveled three hours north for Easter to spend it with my Grandpa's brothers, sisters, my Dad's cousins (my second cousins?), cousin's kids, my sister, nieces, Dad & Sally.  It was a great day and the drive to and from in one day wasn't too bad for the kids.  Which is nice because this summer we are planning a 9-10 hour trip west of here.  We also had heavy hearts that Grandpa wasn't with us.  Very heavy hearts.

More random ~

Gizmo is getting bigger and bigger.  We hope that he doesn't grow much more.  He still needs to learn his bathroom is outside only.  Since he hasn't mastered this, he has been restricted to the stripped down entry way.  He gets outside all the time and loves, loves, to play with Piper.  They are quite comical to watch, so I will get video of this to post.

We are all loving life, excited the snow (as of two days ago) stopped and are excited beyond belief summer is upon us. 

I plan to update further on all of us in more detail soon.  Thanks to those who have e-mailed me wondering if I am okay.  Your thoughts are heartwarming!  It's nice to know I've been missed.  We've been enjoying our time with friends and family, not to mention getting ourselves up to our eye balls in Summer projects! 

Photo re-caps coming soon too!

God's Blessings to you!



  1. Looking forward to this weekend! And I wish I could find more time to blog, too.

  2. Congrats on 300 posts! I think we need a camper, that would make our road trips much more enjoyable. Maybe our kids wouldn't get so carsick?? Have a great time and Happy early Mother's Day!

  3. How was camping??? I SO hope we get to go with you guys again this Summer, the kids would LOVE it! And way to go driving that thing all the way up there, not sure I could have done that. HA :)

    So this is the cake you were talking about!? VERY cute, I'm bookmarking it so I can make it someday. Looks yummy. :)

  4. Yup, beautiful... and i bet with all the chocolate, it CAN'T be bad! :)


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