Monday, July 18, 2011

The Counting Resumes:

I start, I love it, and then for some reason or another, it ends, or fades.  I want to pick back up, even though I am not sure where to start.  This becomes half the battle.  I've been counting here and there but mostly I haven't.  I know this because the pages are not inked and the post editor tells me the last entry was in March.

I miss it because it really does help slow time, or at the very least, capture the moment.  And the photos, they need to go with the words of thanks.  However it's done, once a week list, once a day list, once a month list, it must be captured.  So we don't forget or that my memory isn't all about the chores, the times I mess up, the things left undone.  It's so I can see God's grace all around me, all the time.

In somewhat randomness, my thanks to God:

*Henry walking to the front during collection {kids bring their own envelopes up to the priest} to give Fr Tony S a faith band to give to Jesus.  Henry said Fr Tony asked him if he wanted to take it home and he said he did not because he has more at home 
*Afternoon dropping off old baby items
*Afternoon with Sophie
*Knowing big kids got to see their first movie at the theater {Cars 2}
*Adam was able to have a fun afternoon with big kids
*Prayer formation decisions
*Talking to my Dad on the phone
*Learning something new about his childhood
*Kids who play well together
*Mary's Yes
*Morning coffee
*Catching up slowly
*Spiritual Direction
*Trusting friend who watched kids
*Painting project completed in one day
*Husband who will do dishes {he never has a problem with this & will do them whenever I am gone} so I can finish painting project
*Perfect weather for Zoo day
*Splash Pad

*Celebrating Henry's Feast Day
*Singing Happy Feast Day
*Having friends over for dinner
*Special dessert
*Impromptu paint selection
*Kids who do well running errands
*Kids who love CatChat
*Listening to husband's wisdom
*Becoming a sponsor
*Having the message brought to our church


*Friends to join us for the parade
*Ability to squeak a 5K run in without any training in months
*Family at the finish line
*Friends cheering along the way
*Henry running the 1/2 mile kiddie run

*Picking up fresh (feathers on the ground fresh) free range, organic chickens
*Birthday Party
*Kiddie Parade

*Friends over for lunch after kiddie  parade
*Viewing fireworks from our front lawn
*Having friends old & new come to our house for fireworks
*Mosquito nets on the garage doors
*Gram & nieces coming for a visit
*Gram giving me afternoon off
*Solo Costco runs
*Date night with husband
*Free babysitter
*Cousins who love to play together
*Old {8} playing with young {almost 2}
*Mom who folds laundry, makes dinner, plays, & weeds

Someday soon March, I'll circle back with you.

5 Sweet Comments:

  1. The dB familyJul 18, 2011 04:30 PM
    Your wee ones are just the sweetest curly blondes! Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer!

  2. DeborahJul 18, 2011 07:27 PM
    Joining you from Multitudes on Mondays. I enjoyed your sweet list. Especially "Simplifying". Thanks for sharing.

  3. HollyJul 19, 2011 04:00 AM
    lovely and it was great to see you the other day.
  4. KatieJul 19, 2011 07:39 AM
    I have the same problem too! And I miss counting the blessings and feel the need of doing so when I don't.

    great list!
  5. KimJul 19, 2011 11:40 AM
    Your blog made me smile! Thanks! ~ Be blessed, Kim

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