Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our New Journey with CFCA

I had considered going to the local church two blocks from our house because I knew our regular priest was going to be gone and the visiting priest was going to be appealing to us.  I even asked my husband if he would want to check out the new priest here in town.  I deferred to Adam's judgement and we went to our regular church fifteen minutes away.  This decision will impact our lives for a long time, and not just ours.

The first thing the Fr. Dennis said was, "Hello, my name is Fr. Dennis and I'm here to appeal to you today".  I appreciated that.  Straight  up, no frills, we need you.  I'm listening.  He talked about children living in Guatemala and the conditions.  {I have become familiar with what people in Guatemala face from Ann's Compassion Trip.}  As Fr. Dennis was explaining and appealing I was hearing God speak to me, telling me this was the donating I was looking for.  A cause like no other. 

In a whispered voice I ask my husband if we can do this.  I offer to use the money I make from the few haircuts I do.  We easily agree.

After church Fr. Dennis has a box full of brochures each one featuring a picture of a child or adult with need.  There were many.  For some reason (Providence) my hands scooped his brochure.

I read, asked a few questions and then I pulled out a few more.  I had thought that it would be a good idea to pick a boy around Henry's age.  I set three folders out, he picked the same one I already looked at.

Meet Ryan James, our new friend from the Philippines.

On our way home we read more about Ryan James.  He is one of six children, hasn't started school yet, (I am guessing now that he is sponsored he will be able to begin school), doesn't speak English (Fr. Dennis said he will more than likely learn English in school), and loves singing and playing.  I read on, his mother works, then I wonder why his father doesn't work.  He's deceased.  I cry all the way home. 

Thank you God for putting this young boy and is family in our path.

I eagerly await the letters we will get from Ryan James.  I am excited for us to write him letters, send photos and watch him learn and grow.  Henry, Karley & Sophie are going to make a piggy bank for Ryan James to donate money they earn.   They will also join me in letter writing or at this age picture making.

We are sponsoring Ryan James through Christian Foundation for Children & Aging.  Here is a blurb from from their website:

We sponsor children, youth and the aging from all faiths and strive to be a tranquil presence in their lives. When we create a true exchange of cultures, understanding and love as equals we are alleviating not just material poverty but are also creating the bonds of lasting peace and unity among people of diverse faiths and backgrounds.

I look forward to sharing our journey with Ryan James and CFCA with you.

God Bless!


  1. i'm eager to hear more.. and what a sweet sweet soul you can tell this little one has..

  2. Awesome!! Our sponsored children are from the Philippines too. It was that sponsorship that lead us to adopt the three munchkins we have now. It's a beautiful country full of beautifully kind and happy (albeit mostly very poor) people. If you EVER have the opportunity to go, I strongly suggest you do. You won't regret it!


  3. Hi Deborah,

    I was pretty sure my memory was of your girls being from the Philippines. I am excited to go back and look at your photos from your recent trip. I hope that we someday do have the opportunity to visit and perhaps meet the family we will be sponsoring!

    It's wonderfully exciting to see how our world can come together!



  4. He is adorable. We also sponsor through CFCA and they are a wonderful organization.

  5. Great post! I love this idea. I am going to talk to my husband tonight about doing the same. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  6. We have had a child and an elderly friend for a few years now....a wonderful organization. Their letters touch our hearts.

    God bless you and Ryan James.

  7. I came to your blog through Bobbi's Revolution of Blog. I'm Shanxi Omoniyi, the web editor and writer for CFCA, and I was thrilled to read your blog post!

    Thanks so much for your support, and we always love hearing from sponsors and their unique journeys to CFCA. God bless!


  8. Oh, he is just adorable! I have a sponsored child in the Philippines through CFCA as well and found your blog though a google search. My sister and I are actually heading to Guatemala next summer for a CFCA mission trip and we are really looking forward to it!


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