Friday, July 8, 2011

A Quick Seven Takes

It's been forever and ever since I've participated in Seven Quick Takes and it seems like forever since I've blogged.  So much has been going on with our family, I haven't had the time.  Here goes:
We took our first ever week long family vacation.  We pulled our camper out to the Badlands of South Dakota, with an overnight stop in the Sioux Falls area on the way out.  Everything went very, very smoothly, even the 10 hour ride home.  Adam and I were simply amazed at how well the kids, ages two(almost), three and four, did strapped in car seats for most of the day.  We went Saturday to Saturday and had friends join us on Tuesday.  I will post pictures next week. 

This weekend is our local townie days.  We are having our annual party tonight for all the kiddos to watch the fireworks from our front yard.  We are very blessed to have fireworks here and then on Sunday the parade goes right past our house.  Tomorrow morning the 5k & 10k end at our driveway, not to mention all the other activities that will be at the park across the street.  Oh, and am supposed to run the 5k tomorrow.  That might be a challenge seeing as I haven't logged any miles since March.

My Mom brought my nieces down to visit our kids a couple of days this week.  That was a blessing for sure!  Earlier in the week I wondered how I was going to get all this stuff done for our party and then my Mom called and said they were coming.  AWESOME!  She helped me with so many different things.  Allowed me to run to Costco solo, folded laundry, made supper, watched kids, played with kids, allowed for Adam & I to go on a date, weeded our playground & patio, took care of dogs, watered flowers, cooked some more, ran to the store and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  All in less than 48 hours.  Needless to say, I was overjoyed to have her and sad for her to leave!  Thanks Mom, you're the best!

The week before we left on vacation Henry spent the mornings at Vacation Bible School.  He had a blast learning all about how much Jesus loves him.  It has been great to see the Holy Spirit running through him.  I am ever so thankful!

Sophie is learning to say new words every day.  She has had trouble say words with "p" and "s" in them.  No doubt why she refers to herself as "me".  Like, "me do it".  Yes, I hear that a lot!  She tries and tries to keep up with Henry & Karley but often likes to hang out with me.  I love it.  And she loves bike helmets, bike not required.

About six weeks ago Karley started to become sick.  After three trips to the doctor (I actually wondered if the clinic was going to think I had Munchausen by Proxy) in a about four weeks time, we discovered she had mono.  It's a long story about how we got to the final diagnosis but it's good to understand what was making my little girl to punky. 

I had an absolute wonderful time traveling to Green Bay, WI to see Our Lady of Good Help Apparition site with my friend Mrs. S.  I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it was.  More on this as well.  But if you'd like to see a little of what the Apparition site is like NBC is airing a piece on it on Wednesday, July 13 at 9PM CST.  I hope they are kind as it really is a beautiful place.

Have a blessed weekend!

3 Sweet Comments:

Randi Troxell said...

sounds like you've been busy busy!!

by the way.. wanted to say, your kids are adorable i think!!

Holly said...

Glad vacation went well. Hope Karley is feeling better now.

Jenny said...

We went to the Bad Lands a couple of years ago. It was in March and they had a blizzard. It amazed us how quickly the road crews had everything cleared up in SD. The Bad Lands were beautiful. Sorry to hear about your sweet Karley. She looks great in the pictures, so I hope all is now well. You are very, very blessed to have your mom, enjoy her.


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