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" many people in the secular culture don't pay much attention to the devil, despite the fact that his existence and the existence of the whole demonic realm is an absolute biblical certainty and a major doctrine of the Christian faith. They simply don't "get" him."
And that was me. And if it's you, I highly recommend reading, The Invisible World, by Anthony DeStefano. Even if it's not you, I personally think you will love the book.

Through the ten chapters of the book you will come to know the invisible good and what to watch for in the invisible warfare. The one who works hard to pull us away from our ever loving, merciful God.

Mr DeStefano states this in the first chapter: "Once you're armed with a kind of certitude, three things will naturally happen: (1) It will be easier for you to act in sync with your moral beliefs; (2) your life will be much fuller, richer and more exciting than you ever imagined possible; and (3) no amount of suffering - physical, mental, or emotional - will ever be able to destroy the profound inner sense of peace that you'll experience on a daily basis." That's a pretty strong statement, and I can say after reading the book and a number of personal experience that happened just following the book (no coincidence, I am sure), it's true.

I found it very easy to understand each point the author was making and enjoyed the stories he added from his own life to illustrate further. Some of the stories reminded me of my own childhood, such as the time he had to call his Dad when his car broke down on a dark street. Actually, the story reminds me my every day when I try to go it alone, until I realize that I do need to rely on, to call upon, my heavenly Father.

I loved how each chapter flowed right into the next. Most especially this hit home with me, "If we can't even resist, having that extra piece of cake for dessert, how can we ever have hope to combat such overwhelming forces [Invisible Warfare]?" This segwayed to Invisible Grace, my favorite chapter. And this is his answer, Divine grace. "Grace at its deepest level, isn't just help from God - it's God himself."

The book is meaty, yet, a quick read. You will come away with a stronger relationship with the Holy Spirit, a better understanding of suffering, as well as how to see the invisible.

The Invisible World is a part of The Catholic Summer Reading Program and you can purchase it from Aquinas & More or


Mr. (although, he perfers I drop the Mr.) DeStefano has given me the opportunity to give a book away to one of you lucky readers. What do you have to do??

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