Thursday, September 22, 2011

Delete Facebook?

To delete facebook or not? That is the question. 

Why would I delete facebook?

Well, bottom's very counter-productive, for me.  Don't get me wrong, I have very much enjoyed it.  Probably too much and at the cost of my children, my husband, my new puppy, my house and myself. 

Here's what happens.  Now that I have a smartphone (to do dumb things) I check facebook when at the park playing with, half watching my kids, I check facebook first thing in the morning and then wonder why I'm running late getting the kids to school and I missed a morning offering prayer.  I check facebook before I go to bed at night with my husband next to me (he's not on facebook and doesn't think highly)  and I miss a night offering prayer.  Because after I read facebook, I'm too tired. 

In addition, now that facebook has made changes I feel I will be sucked in even more.  Here's the thing, I really don't need to know what 274 people are doing at any given time or what they think about what all their friends are doing.  I really don't.  Even if I think it might be interesting.  What is more interesting is what the four other people in my own house are doing, at the present moment. 

When I've left facebook by the wayside in the past, I've completed more projects in my home, read more books to my children, read more myself, and have been more plugged into my family. 

Complete honesty, I waste too much time on facebook.

I also don't think 274 people really care if I'm on there or not, but I know four who do.

Badlands ~ South Dakota Summer 2011
I guess that answers my question.  Delete facebook.

I anticipate that I will blog more and right now I am okay with that.  I have always wanted to preserve our memories in a book via this blog.  Hopefully this will be one of those projects I complete.

God Bless!

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