Monday, April 30, 2012

Daybook ~ Last Day of April

My First Daybook

Around the house....

It's actually all clean, all at once and we aren't having company or a birthday party.  It's amazing.  Saturday I gutted the girls room.  There were just too many toys in the room for them (mostly Sophie) to even begin to keep clean.  The toys have been re-homed to the unfinished basement that I will attempt to clean on rainy summer days.  That might just get started later this week.

Listening to....

Sadly, Phineas & Ferb. 


The Interior Castle ~ St Teresa of Avila

Daily Reading if possible...

A Year With The Saints

Give Us This Day

On the Menu....

Working on getting a two week menu planned up.  Until that happens it looks something like Tacos, lasagna and sloppy joes.  Thinking lasagna will be my carb load for Saturday.

Moments of Gratitude...

~ Seeing my husband at mile 15 with kids, windows down, cheering, "Go Mom, Go" for the last mile home
~ Getting an afternoon nap after running 16 miles
~ My sister
~ Henry healthy again after being sick for four days
~ Husband who understands my running
~ Another month of spiritual direction
~ Mother's Rule Binder getting cleaned up
~ Inspiring women
~ Clean fish tank (thanks Tonya)

Home Learning...

We are leaning to pray the Rosary as a family.  Currently we do three decades on the way to school and then when either Henry or Karley is picked up we finish the last two.  I like doing it on the way to school and will have to figure another time out in a few weeks.

School Learning....

Will come to a close in three weeks.  I am happy for the summer and sad that in a few short months Henry will be in school all day, five days a week.  Just the thought of him not eating lunch with us could make me cry.  He's ready, I'm not.  Pre-school is for fun but now we'll be in serious business and I won't be able to seem him for hours.  I think I'll have to recess volunteer soon.


I made all the runs for my marathon training program this week.  Total mileage was 32 with 16 being the furthest.  4, 8, 4 & 16 was the scheduled runs.  It was super weird to think 8 miles was a mid-week run.  Sixteen was the furthest I've ever gone and it wasn't that bad.  I think the cooler temps (40-50) and cloudy skies helped.

Thnking about....

Making a new Rule for summer.  I've been running scenarios in my head.  Thinking about running, cleaning, playing, where to schedule it all.  Camping.


The Universal Prayer

The week ahead...

Not as busy as I thought, especially since today Henry didn't go to school.  Somehow I have 29 miles to run this week.  Wouldn't be so hard to fit but I have a meeting at church on a normal run night and it's too long to do during the day.  Dance.  Play date later in the week.  Saturday morning my friend's first ever Mother's Group meets.  Fun week!  I think I should ask Big Daddy for a date night.  Looking forward to this little man feeling better this week.

Hope you have a great week.  I've link up with Jenny who also posts a daybook she calls Minutes.


  1. Your menu sounds like ours, how funny. I'd like to hear more about your Mother's Rule binder and your running; you go girl b/c it makes me tired right now just reading it.

    1. I'm guessing that your new baby would keep me tired! My Mother's Rule Binder.....oh, yes, that's another whole post! :)

  2. Like it! I've decided I'm more of a 24 hr meal planner...tonight I decide what we eat tomorrow, tomorrow I'll decide what we eat on Weds, etc. Love you - Holly

    1. Ah Holly, I go from a 24 planner to a 2 hour planner and sometimes 5:00 hits and I'm opening the fridge to see what's going to appear on the table.

      One thing about planning that's kind of fun for me is that I sit down with cookbooks {I do have a new fav! :) } and we get some new ideas. Some we keep and some we don't.

      I'm looking forward to to new crockpot ideas this summer so we can fix it and move on with the rest of the day outside! :)


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