Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day Half Marathon Re-Cap

My sister and I ran the Earth Day Half Marathon last weekend.  It was her fifth or sixth half and my third.  We both had PR {Personal Records} on what was a cooler rainy day.  The race was on April 21 and the weather can be very iffy.  All in all it was okay running but the kids {all five of them} could have used a little sunshine. 

As I laid in bed the night before the race I was calculating out my time, trying to see how fast I'd have to run to be under two hours.  In doing the math, I knew there was no way I could hold the under two hour pace for that long.  I wanted to do better than my previous PR of 2:12 two years ago, but that was really already fast for me. 

Tonya already had a PR of 1:57 {I think} and she was hoping to make 1:50 {I think, it might have been 1:55}.  I told myself 2:05 would be great but anything under 2:12 would be good too {and really just finishing would be a worthy achievement for me}.  So we lined up in between these two pacers then after we crossed the start line we parted ways.  Go sister go!

I was expecting to see Adam around mile five or six depending on the weather.  He took my sister's two girls and our kids but wasn't sure about going if it was pouring rain.  Can't blame him, we were thankful that he would even consider taking five kids from 2.5 to 8 by himself.  {You mothers with that many or more all on your own are probably laughing at that!}  I did see them at what I think was about mile four, then again around mile 6 and at the finish line.

I struggled the most just after mile three.  That's about where I heard two guys talking and turned a little to see that it was the pacer for 2:05.  I then realized that there would be no way I could keep that pace for 10 more miles.  Shortly there after I started taking gel packs.

From there things were pretty good and all in all I took four gel packs.  That's probably a lot but they work, so I took them.  I also wore my water belt which allowed me to passed through water stations.  Maybe good but maybe not.  I think it did save some time and some would say not much but the real reason I wore my own belt, I always seem to need it at times other than the every two miles offered on this race.  {During the marathon I'll take water at the stops and probably walk through them}

There are a lot of twists and turns on this course as it goes through a residential part of town.  There was one strait stretch for about a mile that was on a walking path.  Sounds like it would be great but there also weren't very many people there so it seemed longer without the crowd support.

All those twists and turns allowed for a weird opportunity to see my sister.  She was doing really well and it was such a boost to see her.  From the point I was passed by the 2:05 pacer I kept thinking the 2:10 pacer was breathing down my neck.  So when I was at the point my sister was at when we saw each other, I saw the 2:20 pacer and thought I must be doing alright cause it took me more than 10 minutes to get to that spot. 

The last part of the race was all downhill without a hill to get to it.  So happy for that!  All in all it was a good race.  We had fun getting there and surprisingly it was the first race Tonya and I ever ran together.  Afterwards we went for a burger and a beer.  Neither of those two things were a good idea.  I feel way better with just a protein shake and honestly, I think I should have ordered the pasta.  Oh well, now I know and won't make that mistake come June!

My results:  Actual Finish:  2:08:37 / 9:50 pace.  PR.
Tonya's results:  Actual Finish: 1:54:14 / 8:44 pace.  PR {She totally rocks!}

Now on to the big event, that is if I make it past the 16 this weekend. 

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  1. Congratulations!

  2. Way to go Tina! What an awesome accomplishment :)

  3. Great job Tina!! You will do great in the marathon!

    1. Thanks Katie...I kind of think after today's 16 your body just doesn't even know how to stop.

  4. You are amazing. Period. Amazing.

  5. Congratulations on your PR!!!! So awesome of your husband (right?) to come out with the five kids .... yep that's above and beyond but I know it was appreciated!!


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