Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Haircuts, ENT, Babies & All Things Sophie

Here's an update on our little Sophie. 

Sophie has struggled with strep infection after strep infection and then just when we think she's going to get a break a week or two after being off antibiotics she'll wind up with a cold that seems like eventually is strep.  Her signs of having strep are very few, if any.   We are most thankful to have her healthy right now.

After so many strep infection, because we don't want her on antibiotics time after time, we decided to see an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor.  Without a doubt he said tonsils and adenoids out.  Besides the fact her tonsils are so large, {he rated them a four out of four} she does have sleep apnea.  There was more cause for alarm with this than the tonsils.

This is not without worry.  The doctor said they don't do this on children younger than three and she would need to wait until she was closer to that age.  So we are looking at sometime this summer, if at all.  I did also inquire about her speech, which isn't bad, just not crystal clear.  She has trouble with s, f, and a few other sounds.  He did say most likely this would clear up after surgery.

Once I heard surgery for sure, my thoughts changed from relief of her being sick and tired, {literally with how much she wakes up} to scared about the thoughts of surgery on an almost three year old.  A friend of mine has also been advised to have this done and after a second opinion decided to wait.  This has led us to at least seek out a second opinion.  We will be doing that middle of May. 

I was hoping to see if her tonsils would shrink once she was "well" and if the sleep apnea would go away then as well.  No such luck.  Her tonsils are the same size ~ basically they touch or there isn't any visible clearing  and her late night slumber, or lack of, was proof that the sleep apnea is still present.

On a different note.  She's wonderfully made for sure.  She loves to help me with whatever I am doing.  She loves to set the table and always asks, "what now" and is mad when I tell her it's all done.  She will do any "job" she's given and loves to take Henry and Karley's job away from them.  The only thing she "don't know how" to is clean her room or pick up her own things.

She still loves Dora, yet, Mommy is her favorite and Daddy is her "second favorite".  She also loves baby "Mary" and likes to keep her teeth clean.

Sophie had her first haircut about a month ago.  I had been thinking about it then one day while cutting some of the Soley Smalls I called Adam to ask if he would mind.  He quickly said, "No, cut it.  It's kind of scraggily (is that a word?)"  It looks really cute and has already grown out quite a bit since. 





She loves to change clothes, faster than I can keep up with what's clean and what's dirty.  She has been dressing herself, brushing her teeth, getting her shoes on to be ready when we need to leave for school.  By the time she goes to school she'll have this all down pat. 

She loves to show us her "grumpy face" which can turn into a "happy face" in less than a second flat.

Speaking of school, since she has a summer birthday she could go to pre-school this next Fall.  That would mean we would have them all in classes right after each other, but we have decided to wait a year.  We'd rather her be the oldest in her class instead of the youngest.  I'll have one more year of a little one with me all day.  I'm so happy about that, I'm going to be a wreck when Henry goes to Kindergarten all day in the Fall.

Sophie has been such a delight and we are so honored to be blessed by her.

In Christ,



  1. She looks like such a sweetheart! And you look super skinny!! Not that I'm jealous or anything :)

    1. Ah Colleen....I am hiding my 3" of left over baby belly that all the running in the world isn't helping! My husband keeps talking about this situp thing. I have no idea what he's talking about!

      She's so fun! {As are the other two, posts coming soon}.

      Thanks for stopping by Colleen! :)

  2. I would definetly get a second opinion. And you know me...I would really look at changing food things. I was recently talking to another mom with a 3 yr old boy, whose is seeing a lot of improvements in his health after cutting out eggs, gluten, dairy, and corn. He had always been a horrible sleeper, lots of tummy issues, runny tired looking eyes, lots of colds, sick alot, etc, etc. They had had his adnoids and tonsils out last year and she is now questioning if it had really been necessary. Did you ever finish reading the What's Eating Your Child book? She was also reading a similar book with before and after photos...I can get the name of that if you would like. I know it is a lot of work to take our eating and food so serious, but I know I would rather try and correct those things and help my little ones feel better with the least amount of serious intervention like surgery. Praying for you and a clear answer. Let me know if you need anything. Holly

    1. the book - Is This Your Child by Doris Rapp

  3. I haven't checked "What's Eating Your Child" from the library again. I don't remember seeing anything that related to tonsil size & adenoids, do you recall? I will see if I can get it again. Thankfully we have some time to decide and the second opinion should be helpful.

    Thanks for the book suggestion, I'm going to take a look at it now. :)

    1. I don't remember anything specific about tonsils and adenoids. But to me you have those issues because you are sick a lot and I always think of underlying things (like food intolerances or enviromental things that may be bugging you) leading to an overwhelmed immune system - thus leading to a lot of sicknesses.

    2. I'll see what the doctor says. I'll ask him if her normal size (which she has now & is still huge) has anything to do with diet or environmental things or if that's just her genetics. Adam & I both had very large tonsils as children and chronic tonsilitis.

      Thanks Holly, I always appreciate your nutritional advice! :)


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