Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daybook ~ 5.14.12

Around the house

I've booted the dog to the garage or outside again.  Her hair is just so much to keep up with.  I would love to keep her in her kennel during the day but the door to the kennel is in the shut only position.  Why?  Mother Robin decided to build her nest on the corner of the kennel where the door sits.  A very difficult place for us to let both babies grow and the dog lay in the sun.  We gave way to the babies.  It has been fun for all of us to watch the babies grow. 

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Listening to

Heavy machinery.  One of the roads that borders our house is getting curb, gutter & storm drainage put in.  Very good for us, even though we lost a few trees and privacy.  We are now a little more exposed in our backyard.  I was so fearful of how open our backyard would look, but in the end it does look better.


Still reading St Theresa of Avila's Interior Castle.  I am scheduled to be done reading it in a few weeks, but I am now behind, again.  I managed to catch up a few weeks ago but it's been hard to find time to read the last couple of weeks.

On the Menu

Even though I had high hopes to get a menu in order for the last two weeks, I missed the boat.  I would love to get something down for the next two weeks at least until Memorial weekend.  Even though the meals are decent, I feel like it's all thrown together and not very much effort is put into a wonderful meals.  Tonight is meatloaf.  I also hope to start making bread again for the summer.

Home Learning

We put our garden together on Mother's Day.  Henry was the most interested or maybe his age kept him the most interested the longest.  He did a wonderful job helping Adam and then took off doing his own planting.  He has now been asking Adam to till up his own garden.  We have extra tomato plants.....

School Learning

This is the last week of school for the kids.  Next week I have conferences for Henry & Karley and then they have their combined pre-school picnic later in the week.  This week they are having a mini field day, learning about taste and smell and saying good bye to their classmates for the summer.  We will see some of them throughout the summer though.


Last week I ran a total of 35 miles in four workouts.  I'm a little injured but am able to still run.  I ran with my sister last Saturday for 18 miles.  Actually, I ran 18 miles but only 16 with my sister.  I had to encourage her to go ahead of me.  I was slow, slow, slow and she was ready to get the run over with and still had enough to kick it in gear.  The last two miles was all hills some steep.  Two of them for about 50 yards I walked when I realized that I could probably walk faster than I was "running".  It was nice to run with my sister.  That was the first time during all this training that I actually ran with somebody.  (During our half marathon she ran ahead.)  I have one more long run next week and then I'm in the taper down before the marathon.

Moments of Gratitude

All things Mother's Day (separate post)
Running with my Sister
Grandma & Grandpa taking care of the kids while we run
Water re-fills along the route
Drive by's on the route to keep us inspired
Second opinions
Warm weather
Safe travels

Thinking about

Still thinking about my summer Rule.  I need to sit down this week and pull it all together since next week is really summer vacation!


I'm praying for all people to know and love the Real Truth.  For people (including myself) to know and love what is good, true and right.  To know the freedom of living in God's Rule.

The Week Ahead

Dance.  Running (lighter mileage week).  Small outside projects, flowers, sprucing things up, getting ready for the large outside projects.  Hope to have a bonfire with Adam this weekend.


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