Thursday, May 31, 2012

Henry's Last Day of Pre-School

The thought of Kindergarten int the Fall makes me super sad.  I just can't believe how fast Henry is growing up.  I know once all day, five days a week school comes, time is going to go even faster.  Our lives have changed so much since we first brought Henry home.  Not in a way different than any other family, just different from the days when we didn't have places to go, errands to run, obligations, event, etc. 

I love summer already and hope the pace goes slow.

Henry loved going to school this year.  He still doesn't say much about what happens at school.  Instead I hear Henry and Karley playing out school or asking each other if they did certain things.  Otherwise he just says, "I don't know" what they did in class.  This was the answer last year, not very helpful to this mother, who wants to know everything he does!  Since he's the first, I'll be guessing again next year.

Ms. J said Henry was a great student with good manners, and very easy going.  This would be most like his Dad.  He learned some Spanish words, numbers and the alphabet in sign language.  He loved having his friend Grace in class {I think he has a little crush on her}.  He missed four days of school. 

His favorite things to do in school were "Centers" and playtime. 

This summer he is looking forward to golf, tennis, soccer, swim lessons, going to the races, camping, playing, getting together with friends and cousins.  Did I say some thing about a slow pace?

I missed many pictures when my camera was getting repaired {dropped it on cement garage floor}.  This day was one where I missed my real camera and my smart phone was absent most of the day as well.  Thanks to Mrs. B for taking pictures for me!

Congratulations Henry!  You'll love Kindergarten.

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