Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making it Count ~ B & W Photography

Every week, Pam and Sarah are co-hosting the Making it Count Tuesday link-up. Start with any one of those fabulous ideas you've found online. Then, do it. Make it. Cook it. Create it. Take it from the screen, give it life and let it bless your world. When you're done, snap a photo, write about it and share it with us.

Make your time online count.

We're meeting at Pam's today!
It was suggested to me early this week to convert the picture I have on my facebook timeline into black and white so when I saw Sarah's post I was happy to sit down and take in a lesson on black & white, something other than just clicking convert to black & white.
I use photoshop elements 9 and have decided that this summer I am going to take an interest in actually learning how to do a few things with this application besides just clicking on the guided or quick fixes.  Here's my first try. 
This is my SOOC (straight out of the camera)

Here's the quick edit black & white:

And finally from the tutorial from Katie Evans as best as I could figure out from my PE9:

Side by side I could really see how much I liked the tutorial by Katie Evans version:
What do you think, which do you like best?


  1. I love B + W. It just makes things look more classic. In this case, the color is pretty darn adorable, too!

    1. Thanks Allison! It's so fun to edit but wow! the time it takes!

  2. Wow, way to put things into action quickly. The improvement is eye-opening and looks fantastic. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I learned in my photography class: sometimes images in color when converted to B&W can lose contrast because in the B&W world they may not be separate and become washed out. I think both look good, but your revised one using the tutorial is best - it brightens it up! Fabulous job! We should get together and go around someplace and take photos! I got a new camera D7000 a couple months ago, but haven't played with it much! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kris!

      I would love to go photographing with you! That would be great!

      I too loved the tutorial one and it was fun to learn something new. Now I want to go back and process b & w to a ton of photos! I even went back again on the same photo to see if I could boost it more.

      I wonder if on my camera I were to have went to the black & white setting it would have come out different? Kind of hard to toggle between b&w / color when photographing moving kids!

      I am hoping to take some classes soon! There is so much to learn.

      Congrats on your new purchase. Is this your first digital SLR?

      Thanks for the comments!


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